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Carsonville Farmhouse and Property or





Investigation date:   9-14-19 

LOCATION:    Carsonville, MI property and  farm house


Investigators: Mike, Kellie, Kristie, Kim, Judy, Kelly. 


Time:               7:00p-10:40pm  

Weather:          Low 80s, partly sunny no


Equipment Used: Spirit Box, Kinect, K2, Portal App, Ovilus, flashlights, digital and SLS, Camera system, video recorders, dowsing rods



In 1881 a forest fire ravaged much of Sanilac county destroying farms, homes and leaving the deaths of many in its wake. Following this devastation a drought occurred. Families left the area by the droves seeking a more suitable living situation. Sawmills, businesses and homes were burned or abandoned and Native American settlements were driven out and it wouldn’t be until years later that Sanilac county would recover and rebuild. Our client was told a story decades ago by a local woman named Isabella Husson who's now deceased. The story states that in 1881, on our clients land, a man named Earl Dreske and his family had a cabin in the woods. Earl hid his family in the well for safety from the fires that were ripping through the woods. The story continues that Earl and his family thought they were safe in the well but that his cabin roof fell on top of the well trapping and killing the family. Residents in the area claim to have seen a sad man near where the Dreske's house was in the woods. He is described as all in dark clothing that appears wet and a dark brim hat. His face is described as staring out sadly as if he is searching for his family. It just so happens  the property owner’s parents also have a resting place on this land and his father also passed away in the farmhouse we investigated. The farmhouse was moved to the acreage in the 1920’s and it hasn’t been occupied for many years. The back of the property has a few campsites and trails. There is a clearing where a military craft crashed. The military rushed in with covered Humvees and quickly removed the wreckage. No media or people were allowed near it to see. Rumors were quickly spun that the spot was where a UFO crashed. Near the front of the acreage the owner now has a newer ranch approximately 20 yards from the old farmhouse. The surrounding area has a pond a chicken coop and a pole barn. It's on this 19 acres of land that we did our 4 hour investigation.


We quickly set up our equipment and immediately we received yes and no responses to the flashlights we had set up. One of our admins Judy, did a quick video tour of the exterior of the farmhouse before half of the team headed into the trails. We walked the trails keeping a watchful eye out for the spirit if Earl Dreske. We took multiple images and video but did not capture any figures. As the sun set we started heading back toward the front of the property. We stopped at the alleged crash site but we weren’t getting any EMF readings. Once we got back to the farmhouse an investigator, Kellie, went around the front of the farmhouse to take a few pictures. The upstairs is uninhabitable and the doors are pretty much froze shut from age. However, in one upper window there appears an unexplained figure in a window. (SEE BELOW) 

 While half of us were on the trails investigators Kelly and Kristie were inside the farmhouse getting activity. Initially they we were not getting much. Then the K2 spikes began and then flashlight responses. They were also able to get the client’s father Frank to communicate using flashlight and the K2 meter as a tool for communication.  Using dowsing rods they believe they made contact with a Native American female. She was causing K2 activity and flashlight activity in coordination to questions asked with the dowsing rods. We had static cams situated in 3 areas of the home but they didn’t pick up any unusual movement. 

Team members would take breaks at the property owner's house. There he told us a story of his grandmother coming to him speaking to him and pointing at a ceramic teapot on a shelf in the homeowners house. He didn’t understand her messages, as she spoke in Polish. When her apparition was gone he wrote down her words. The next day he asked his mom and she knew exactly what grandma was asking. She wanted to know where her teapot cups were as they were not with the teapot. The property owner's mother had broken and buried the teacups as a child without telling her mom. He also confirmed his dad passed away while living in the farmhouse.  

Upon leaving the property we immediately received a call from the other half of our team in the car ahead of us. The radio in her newer vehicle was making sounds like a record playing backwards. I need to note once you hear it you can clearly tell it wasn’t radio stations it literally was an unusual sound. 

We believe that the land definitely has activity and although we didn’t see Earl Dreske's ghost we find the homeowners story very credible. We picked up activity in the farmhouse and had an anomaly in a window that didn’t appear in any other images. We also cannot explain the bizarre radio disturbances we received on the car radio as we were pulling away from the property. In gathering evidence we were careful to rule out intermittent noise from a neighbors radio. 

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