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Investigators: Kellie D., Mike, Kelly H.

Time: 5:00pm-7:30pm

Weather: 80s & sunny 


Paranormal Investigators use several different pieces of equipment to communicate with spirits. These devices give confirmation that a spirit is in a location or area since they light up or spike levels when energy is near it or when touched (giving higher spikes). To get answers, we do what we call a “session”. During a session, we ask spirits to turn on/light up/manipulate our equipment to reply to questions asked. Then to turn them off again by moving away. When the lights and/or sound turn on & off when we ask a question that is considered an “intelligent response”. This is not interference or caused by another electronic item. We do always check to be sure of this. When ghosts are seen or heard doing or saying the same things repeatedly but do not really ever see or interact with you, these are considered “residual hauntings”. It’s like a snapshot of a past event that was captured due to strong emotional energy. These we believe can be absorbed into items or places. 

Many of the pieces of equipment below may have been used during our investigation: 


  • K2 Meter A device that may light up from green (lowest), to yellow, to orange to red (highest) when there is any change in the electromagnetic field (EMF). Spirits can manipulate it to light up when asked a question or turn it off when we ask. 

  • Flashlight A mini MagLite. Spirits can manipulate it to turn it on or off when requested. 

  • Rempod A device that lights up and emits a beep or continuous alarm when spirits get very close or touch it.

  • Mel Meter A device that indicates EMF levels and temperature changes.

  • Motion detector Any of several available devices that lights up when something touches or comes very near it.

  • SLS Camera A hand or tripod held camera that can show a stick type figure on a display when there is a spirit near.

  • Digital Audio Recorder We use these to record the audio of an entire investigation. They are reviewed off site and many times capture an “EVP” (electronic voice phenomena), that we were unable to hear during the investigation. Spirits can speak to us with these.

  • Video Cameras  These are small cameras (we use between 1 & 6) set throughout the location that can record activity in a specific area. The video goes back to a set up display screen.

  • Spirit Box & Paranormal Apps (App) These devices scan through radio waves at a high rate of speed or use white noise. It is believed that spirits can manipulate them to communicate using words. 

  • Ovilus  These can be a specific device or a phone app. They display or say words that spirits speak into them.

  • Dowsing Rods & Pendulums  Handheld bent rods and a weighted item attached to a chain that allow spirits to cross them or swing in response to questions.

  • Estes Method  Done with at least 2 people… 1 person asks questions, the other person while wearing headphones plugged into a Spirit Box says out loud whatever words they hear from the box. They cannot hear the questions being asked. 



We were contacted to conduct an investigation of a home built in 1942. The home was purchased from a friend that moved into a nursing home. The friend recently passed.  


The client, who lives alone has reported having some possible paranormal activity. Some of the claims by the current homeowner were: hearing movement, flashes of light, electrical issues, objects moving, client has been scratched and has smelled roses and another time, a rotten smell.


DRCP arrived around 5:00 pm. We met and spoke with the client regarding the activity she has witnessed. She showed us around and pointed out the areas of activity. We checked the home out for any EMF levels and found that there were no abnormal spikes or results.


The homeowner stated that she feels there are 2 male spirits there that do not need to leave as she believes that they are looking out for her. They are TJ, who was the previous homeowner/friend and Dan, who she believes is a WWII soldier.



The team set up some equipment and put a rempod in the kitchen. We began asking questions directed at Dan and TJ. We received several “intelligent” responses to our questions. When the client asked TJ to say something, the reply was “here”. When she said she didn’t want any spirits to stay except Dan & TJ, the reply was “Bull$hit”. We asked Dan to say his name, we received “Dan” then “here”. The client asked the spirit for his name, instead he said “Maria… Mike… Kellie”. While one of the investigators was explaining the spirit box we received “Mike… is this you?” We were telling the spirits that no negative spirits can remain in the home. After this we received “of course”. While we were counting down the 3 seconds until we turned off the equipment, we said “3…2…1”. At the 1 second we heard “one”. We began telling whatever spirits that were there that they could go to the light, response was “see ya”. After we said you need to leave, another response was “$hit”


Kitchen/Back door landing

The client was previously told that there was a portal in this area of the house. She said she tried closing it but wasn’t sure she did it correctly. Using dowsing rods to determine if there was an open portal, both rods opened up the opposite ways. We closed the portal and gave the client a piece of smoky quartz to absorb any negative energy that may remain. She was told to bury it in the backyard in a week or so. We used the dowsing rods in all other rooms to be sure there were no other portals.


We did a cleansing/smudging of the entire house and invited any spirits that wanted to crossover to go at this time. The client was given more of our smudging mix to use at another time. We finished up by sealing the property with iron so that no negative entities could enter without invitation.  


In Conclusion…  

We did not experience any of the specific activity that she mentioned on the investigation request form. We were unable to find anything of interest in the property history research. We also did not experience any activity that we would consider evil or malevolent. We believe that the client may have some sensitivities so may encounter other spirits. She seemed very comfortable with telling them to move on and to leave her alone.

We suggested that she continue to smudge the home or herself once a month or as she felt the need. As the client asked about purchasing additional sage, we referred her to Motown Witch at 18018 James Couzens Fwy. in Detroit.

We’d like to thank Maria for allowing us to investigate her home. We enjoyed meeting you. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We wish you nothing but the best.


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