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Investigators: Kim and Mike
Time: 7:00 pm-10:00 pm


DRCP was contacted to conduct an investigation at a home in Windsor, ON. This was a ranch with 1400 sq ft. The owners have lived in this home for 1 ½ years with their 2 children (5mo & 2yrs), 2 dogs and 4 cats. They weren’t aware of any previous history on the house. They feel like their daughter is being affected and are concerned with the activity. The activity began the first week of moving in. Client is Native American and has some Empath sensitivities. 

-shadow peeked around hall corner & went away when noticed
-cold spot (noticed once when daughter pointed and said ghost) 
-diaper cart moved while daughter was asleep (on video)
-voices (like a man was talking to them but they couldn’t make out the words)
-touched (several times shoulder has been nudged) 
-feeling threatened
-being held down in dreams
-feels that there is a female spirit in their daughters room and a male in the master bedroom
-daughter won’t go to sleep without night light 
-Picture was knocked off of the TV stand
-believes daughter was awoken and then held down
-when pregnant they saw small green light in master bedroom several times
-felt pressure on end of bed as if someone sat down

DRCP met with the client at the house. We went over the activity and where it has been happening. We checked for any immediate spikes in energy with a K2 monitor, there were none.

We decided to begin in the Master Bedroom. We set out our equipment, introduced ourselves and let any spirits know why we were there and what we were asking of them. We said we were there to let them communicate with us and how they could use our equipment to respond to our questions. 
Right as we started asking our questions, the Rempod lit up and sounded. We began asking several questions to which we received no response. Some of those questions were: 
“Did you live in this area?
“Did you have an accident in the area?”
“Are you related to & do you know the clients?”
“Was this your house?”
We turned on a Spirit Box and about 2 minutes after no responses we caught “Tell me” and 10 minutes after that, the motion activated ball lit up. Some of the other responses were:
What is your name? “Jaclyn”
Is there a child here? motion ball lit up
What is your name? “Becky”
Are you stuck here? “I am”
Do you need help? “I serve the Lord”
Do you know how you got here? K2 lit up

The Client joined us in this room and the motion activated ball lit up. After no activity on our equipment we turned on a Spirit Box and received these responses:
Do you feel like you’re protecting the family? “yes, that's it”
Since you don’t want to communicate with us, you need to leave and we’re going to make you leave. 
If you need help, now is the time to come forward.
This could be  your last chance. “what….  make me” (male voice), “make me” (female voice)
Last chance     “go with it”
You need to leave. Do you understand that? “I’ll leave”

We asked a few more questions but received no more responses. We packed up our equipment and cleansed the home using sage, palo santo and prayers. 

We believe we were communicating with the spirits of a man and a woman that were crabby but not evil or malevolent. Neither really wanted to communicate with us much using our equipment that lights up or makes sounds. We did however capture some spoken responses toward the end of our investigation. We feel that during the cleansing of the house, they did leave.  
We’d like to thank the client for trusting us to come into their home.   




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