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Investigators:  Mike, Kellie D, Judy,Kelly H, Kim

Investigation:  Roseville, Mi Residence

WEATHER:     70s/clear


This investigation was on a 980 sq. ft. bungalow built in 1945. It has been rented by the clients for the past 3 ½ years. 


The clients have reported the following possible paranormal activity: shadows, electronic toys going off on their own, sounds, voices, objects being moved, Christmas tree being plugged in or unplugged, creepy feeling in the playroom, the son is afraid of the man in the closet, lights on in the middle of the night. Ashley told us she had a nightmare of a man and a little girl. She woke up frightened. The next night her son woke up scared and described to her what he saw. He described the same thing she saw in her nightmare, a man and a scary looking little girl.



Room #1:           Upstairs, Playroom & Guest Room

Times:                8:00pm-9:00pm

Investigators:    All

Equip used:      K2, audio & video recorders, flashlights, SB11, Ovilus, spirit box

Activity:            K2 activity (2 units lit up at the same times) to questions asked


We asked if there was an Eleanor with us and the K2 lit up to red indicating a yes answer. We asked her to back away from the K2 meter and make the lights go out, they did. We asked if they liked to hang out here at this house because of the boys, K2 lit up indicating yes.

While the Team was upstairs conducting a question & answer session, 2 people were standing at the bottom of the staircase and heard the word “white” whispered. When we concluded our session they told us they heard the whisper. We realized we asked what the color of the dog was at the same time as it. Upon review of an audio recorder (on site), we found that the word was in fact recorded as an evp.  

Room #2:         Main floor, Kids bedroom

Time:                9:15pm-10:30pm   

Investigators:  All - Kellie rejoined after the first ½ hour 

Equipment:     K2. flashlights, GD app, audio and video recorders, dowsing rods

Activity:          K2 & flashlight activity in response to questions asked


We were getting some K2 & flashlight activity. We began a dowsing rod session. The following questions were answered with the crossing of the dowsing rods, indicating a yes answer:

Is there a little girl here? Yes

Are you here with a man? Yes

Is he your dad, uncle, brother, stranger, grandpa? No

Is he keeping you here? No

Do you know who Liam is? No

Do you play with Liam? No

Is there anyone else here? Yes

Is there an adult here? Yes

Are you a man? Yes

Are you Peter XXXXX? No

Are you Frank XXXX? Yes

Are you stuck here Frank? Yes

Would you like us to help you move on? Yes

We can help you. Would you like us to help you? Yes

Frank do you want to go be with your family? Yes

We began assisting Frank to cross over. When all activity stopped we asked if anyone else was there with us and received no reaction.


We ended the investigation and began putting away all of our equipment away. We cleansed the clients and the house. We spoke with clients about how to cleanse on their own in the future.



After completing our investigation and reviewing the recorded evidence, we feel that the activity the family has witnessed may have in fact been paranormal since the man and little girl gave us intelligent responses (when asked for an answer). We feel that there were spirits in the home. We were unable to get any further answers from the little girl after the man left. She may have crossed over at the same time as the man. If this is the case, there should be no further activity by either of them. 


Regarding the shared nightmares… Ashley and her son may be sensitives which would allow both to see or sense spirits. The way the man and girl looked (clothes, color…) may have been what they looked like at their time of death, which may sometimes look frightening. We do not feel that there was anything that was negative/malevolent in the home.


We would like to thank the clients for allowing us to come into their home and investigate. 

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