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Paranormal Investigators use several different pieces of equipment to communicate with spirits. These devices give confirmation that a spirit is in a location or area since they light up or spike levels when energy is near it or when touched (giving higher spikes). To get answers, we do what we call a “Q&A session”, this is where we ask spirits to turn on/light up/manipulate our equipment to reply yes to questions asked. Then to turn them off again by moving away. When the lights and/or sound turn on & off when we ask a question that is considered an “intelligent response”. This is not interference or caused by another electronic item. We do always check to be sure of this. When ghosts are seen, heard doing or saying the same things repeatedly but do not really ever see or interact with anyone, these are considered “residual hauntings”. It’s like a snapshot of a past event that was captured due to strong emotional energy. These we believe can be absorbed into items or places. 


Some  of the pieces of equipment below may have been used during our investigation: 


  • K2 Meter    A device that may light up from green (lowest), to yellow, to orange to red (highest) when there is any change in the electromagnetic field (EMF). Spirits can manipulate it to light up when asked a question or turn it off when we ask. 

  • Flashlight    A simple small MagLite. Spirits can manipulate it to turn it on or off when requested.    

  • Rem Pod    A device that lights up and emits a beep or continuous alarm when spirits get very close or touch it.

  • Mel Meter    A device that indicates EMF levels and temperature changes.

  • Motion detector  Any of several available devices that light up when something touches or comes very near it.

  • SLS Camera  A hand or tripod held camera that can show a stick type figure on a display when there is a spirit within view.

  • Digital Audio Recorder We use these to record the audio of an entire investigation. They are reviewed off site and many times capture an “EVP” (electronic voice phenomena)that we were unable to hear during the investigation. Spirits can speak to us with these.

  • Video Camera  These are small cameras (we use between 1 & 6) set up in the location that can record activity in a specific area. The video goes back to a display screen (on-site).

  • Spirit Box & Paranormal Apps These devices scan through radio waves at a high rate of speed or use white noise. Spirits can manipulate them to communicate using words. 

  • Ovilus  These can be a specific device or a phone  app. They display or say words that spirits speak into them.

  • Dowsing Rods  Handheld bent rods that allow spirits to cross them in response to questions.

  • Pendulum  A weighted item attached to a chain that allows spirits to swing it in response to questions.


Property and Home History

The first known settlers of this property were the McPherson family in the early 1800’s. They utilized the property as a stock farm.

The property was sold to the Crittenden family in the late 1800’s. They built a log home on the property and in 1880 they built what is the now historic 3-story stone farmhouse our clients live in. This property changed owners (within the Crittenden family) several times over the years.  

The only other documentation we were able to find was from 1996 that states the property was owned by Gladys Cornell. 



We were contacted with a request to come to the house to perform an investigation due to some possible paranormal activity.

DRCP arrived at 8:00 pm. We spoke with the clients regarding activity they have witnessed, such as: being touched, headaches and growls in the basement, a girl upstairs, a lady in an apron, noises in the main floor bedroom and the feeling that someone was kept against their own will in one of the rooms. We performed a walk through before breaking into 2 Groups. Group 1 (plus client) went into the basement. Group 2 headed upstairs. Both groups investigated together on the main floor.  


Upstairs Storage Room & Bedrooms

Both groups witnessed a lot of flashlight/K2/Rem Pod responses that began immediately after the equipment was turned on. Both groups did “Q&A sessions”. Both groups also heard knocking when we asked for the spirit to knock on something.


With the responses received, we were able to put together that this spirit communicating with us lived there a long time ago, they had a room elsewhere, they like the current residents, they like what the current residents have changed in the home, they were a servant, they may have taken care of the children, they did not work on the farm. 

One of the clients came upstairs to let the cats out and as soon as he got that room door closed, the one directly behind him opened. We tried to debunk it but were unable to get it to do it again.

Our team Psychic Medium was getting the names Butch, Emily, George, Katherine and she saw a lady that limped. 

Ovilus words… Elias, beggar, young, miss, Lonny.

Main floor Master Bedroom

Several investigators mentioned how much lighter this room felt versus when the walk through was done earlier. 


At one point in this room, we all heard a bell. We were unable to find anything that may have made that sound. Our Medium got “the judge died here”. Prior research (by an Investigator) confirms that the original owner of the farm was the local Justice of the Peace.

Ovilus words: flirt, grandpa, medical, listen, eyelet, engineer, after, Ava, bridge, guns, can you, Barry, sense, free, Gabrielle, you are not, steel, bed, all the pain, Brayden, coldness, blink, thirty, float, Brad, clean, restored, Jack, bracelet, brave, limit, slope, pet, bible, run, divided, Gianna, fatal, end, Aaliyah.   


Group 1    While we were in the basement we could hear walking upstairs. There was no one on the main floor at this time. We also witnessed a white rope that was hanging from the ceiling lightly swinging. We were getting responses to questions using the flashlight, K2 & phone apps.      At one point, we believe we were communicating with a boy named William. All of his responses were in the voice of a boy. 

We asked:  

  • “Is there a William here with us?” The reply was “Yeah.” 

  • “How old are you?” The reply was “7.” 

  • “William did you live in this house?” The reply was “No.”  

  • “Was that you talking William, did you say no?” The reply was “Yeah”.

  • “William, is there a man keeping you down here?” The reply was “No (whispered).”

The following responses were in 2 different male voices:

  • “How many spirits are with you?” The reply sounded like “11”.

  • “How many spirits are with us?” The reply was “Let me show you.” 

  • “Is your name Scott?” The reply was “Yes.”

Ovilus words: Paul, William, Mary   


Group 2    We all heard something move loudly. We were not able to replicate the noise or to identify the source of it. 

Our Medium sensed something about an orchard, that someone was shot there and that someone died on the land from an accident. She got the name Jonathan and saw a man (spirit) with light brown hair wearing overalls, his name was Harvey. He was the only spirit that directly spoke to her.

During our off-site review of our audio recorders, we also received an EVP saying “Hey Joshy” and the name “David” as a response using a phone app, both caught by our audio recorders. 


In conclusion

After what we experienced during the investigation and reviewing our recordings, pictures and any video (off site), we believe that there are definitely “intelligent spirits” in this home who want to communicate. We feel we were able to cross over some of the spirits that were ready to leave. We do not believe that there is anything in this home that is negative, evil or malevolent. There may also be some “residual hauntings” due to the age of the property, the amount of people that have been through it and some older items in the home.


We would like to thank the clients for allowing us to investigate their home for and with them.  



Group 1 - Mike & Cheryl

Group 2 - Kellie, Judy, Kelly, Carrie

Times: 8:00pm-11:00pm        

Weather:  30s, slightly windy

Let me show youDRCP
00:00 / 00:05
Man keeping you down here - noDRCP
00:00 / 00:04
Howell knockDRCP
00:00 / 00:45
Did you live in this house - How many spDRCP
00:00 / 00:12
Scott - yesDRCP
00:00 / 00:03
You talking William - yeahDRCP
00:00 / 00:05
How Old - 7DRCP
00:00 / 00:04
William - YeahDRCP
00:00 / 00:03

The McPherson family was the first known settlers of this plat of land. Originally settled from circa 1840-1880.  It was later sold to and remained with the Crittenden family for many years.

The property was originally used as a stock farm when owned by William McPherson and Sons until it was sold. The Crittendens built what was described as a log home on the property. There's still a chimney and wood burning stove  on the property which could very well be remnants from the first log home that the Crittendens built.  A newer but still historic home built in the 1880s by the Crittenden's. It's  a stone farm house and is now standing on the site. The client stated the current home was built in the 1830s. We only found documentation showing the current stone home listed in recent real estate ads as built in 1880.  Our team couldn’t find any other owners until we came across a map from 1996 showing ownership of the land by a Gladys Cornell. There was not much information on the Cornells. More information is attainable on the history of Howell, Mi through the publication by Riley Crittenden, A history of the township and Village of Howell, Michigan. Written 1911.

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