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Investigation date: 2-13-21


Mike, Kellie D.  Kim S.

Times: 8:00p-11:40p

Weather: 21 degrees cold snowy

Equipment used:

KII, Spirit Box, Kinect, Portal 

Necrophonics, Necrocom device,flashlights, digital recorders, motion balls



The residence investigated was a 2-story colonial home, in a newer subdivision. The house is situated on a cul-de-sac in Port Huron, MI. The land was originally owned by F.B. Sturgess in 1867 and then owned by S.O. Manuel in 1897 until the land was divided up into multiple lots in the 40s-50s. After that the Plat maps only showed lot numbers and not names.



The client claims that they have had unexplainable experiences especially during the holidays. They hear walking and unusual noises. The children saw a shadow pass over the hallway. Their dog, a relatively young and spunky lap dog with sharp acuity was barking at and jumping backward as if it was seeing someone or something in the family room area of the home. This finally prompted the client to reach out to us. Their request was to try and determine what was there and to rid the home of any spirits and activity.  



D.R.C.P. arrived at the home and met the client and her partner. They joined us for the whole investigation. We were going over the paperwork with the client and had a brief Q&A with them about the occurrences. This is when we found out the dog was adopted by the client. The clients' aunt had passed away and left the dog to her. The client had a very close relationship with this aunt. This opened the possibility of it being an aunt coming to visit but we couldn't be certain as we had just begun. 


We started our investigation in the family room situated in the back of the home which is open to the kitchen. We set up our equipment and began asking questions. Within minutes, our KII meters were spiking. We moved them to see if they were picking up the router or any other nearby device. The KII on the north side of the room and the KII more centrally located were both lighting up but at a different hertz. The necrocom device sounded as if it was calling out the clients name. During a question where Kellie asked, "Are we on your property?" We received a response on the necrocom (a device used to scan radio frequencies) from a male asking back "What year is it?" We heard additional phrases but couldn't make it all out. The client was the first to tell us they heard their name. Then it was repeated by one of our devices. Upon reviewing audio we did capture what sounded like the clients' name. Shortly after that 3  motion activated balls lit up consecutively. First the one situated 6 feet away from us, then the one closest to the hallway leading to the stairs. Within seconds of the other two devices lighting up the last ball began flashing closest to the base of the stairwell. The U-pod beeped momentarily also. Within 20 minutes of this activity we heard a sound in the kitchen as if someone took a step. A few minutes after that the dog started acting strangely as if it saw a person or something that startled it. During our continued Q&A the flashlights were lighting up when we would ask questions. Whatever was there, seemed to know the client. 


We decided to move into the basement where we had very little activity. However, it sounded as if there were walking noises over our heads in the kitchen. The dog was with us and no one else was home. We ruled out furnace/pipe noises etc. 


After canvassing the basement areas with no activity we decided to move back up to the main level and into the front/den room. We actually received an excellent audio response on the Necrocom while in this area. We noticed the dog seemed a little on edge and was sitting at the owners' partners feet but was looking over his shoulder acting again as if it could see someone. It was at this time a ball lit up near the entrance to the room which activated on its own. We were all about 6 feet away from it sitting still. We invited it to step in and communicate with us. We began asking questions and were asking if someone with us liked the dog. The Necrocom replied "LUCY" which is the dog's name. It was at this time we felt this was a friendly spirit familiar with the client and the dog. We were also getting flashlight responses closest to the client which seemed to indicate something was there. 


Once things quieted in the den we moved onto the upstairs but didn't notice activity or anything activating our devices. 


We moved back downstairs into the bedroom adjacent to the family room. This was the last spot we investigated. The client noted they felt this room may have activity as one of the children had noted. This room was interesting. We were speaking with spirit in this room and then about 5 minutes in we were getting fast and frequent flashlight responses (on both lights) to all of our questions. At this point we spoke with spirit to encourage moving on into the afterlife (crossing over). We also received flashing response on the one motion activated ball. We continued coaching spirit on going to be with loved ones until things fell silent.  


Finally, we all gathered in the family room to see if things had quieted down in the most active area. It seemed very quiet compared to our arrival and we were getting very little activity. We continued to talk about all spirits needing to cross over until we felt that things were cleared. It was at this time we felt a home cleansing was appropriate. We used multiple protection herbs to cleanse the home and placed the remains of the saging ashes off the property.



The team’s collective opinion based on the evidence heard on site and after reviewing our recordings off site is that this home did have some paranormal activity. We feel confident that relative(s) of the client were there but hopefully had crossed over. We also kept in mind that this could be prior landowners and took this into consideration while removing spirits.


After cleansing the home we taught the client how to cleanse and at what frequency. We left the client with some herbs to burn with her Sage stick. 


We would like to thank the client and their partner for inviting us into their home. We thoroughly  enjoyed our evening with the two of them and wish them all the best going forward. 


UPDATE: Upon contacting the client three weeks post investigation they stated things have been very quiet since we left. This is good news!

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