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INVESTIGATORS: Kellie D. Kim S., Mike D.

DATE/TIME: 03/18/23,  8:00 pm

WEATHER: 30s Cold/dry 



The client has lived in the 1400 sq. ft., single story home that is in a wooded neighborhood on a residential street in Clay Twp. for 4 years. Activity began approximately 2 months ago.



Primarily during evening, the client(s) have experienced the feeling that someone is in the home with them, especially when in the master bedroom. They have also seen shadows moving under the bedroom door while in the front room. They have been experiencing whispers, unusual sounds, shadows & feelings of being touched. The dogs at the home have been agitated/startled and barking at something out the back door.    



At the client’s home we had them talk us through some of the activity they had been experiencing and showed us where in the home most of the activity was happening. The client went through all the details of the activity she and her friend have been feeling/seeing. She stated most of the activity was at night. We reviewed pictures/videos that the client had taken and as a team we felt the images were primarily pareidolia. They didn't clearly show/anything in our opinion that was spirit related. 


We started in the front area of the home which is a large open area that includes the living room that is open to the kitchen and a front sitting area. While we set up a few pieces of equipment, Mike checked for any areas that had elevated EMF levels. Levels were not unusual. During our session we spent an hour trying to capture voices or any phenomena on our equipment. There was nothing outstanding that occurred. We were not getting any direct and\or consistent responses. We tried to debunk/recreate some of the claims. We turned off the front room lights & turned on the bedroom light to test the theory that when the house was dark and the master bedroom light was on, they would see movement under the door. We tried this for maybe 15 minutes while running our equipment and listening for any audible or physical responses. We also had 1 person in the room walking back and forth in front of the door but were unable to see anything. 


We moved to the master bedroom with some equipment. We tried to conduct a Q&A with spirit. We used our rempod, flashlights, and ITC devices. Mike went into the front area of the home using the Kinect while Kim and I stayed in the master bedroom where we did not receive any responses to anything. Mike thought he heard an audible response when he asked for a name. Upon review of our audio there was no reply recorded.  


While heading back to the main area, we noticed that the light in the smaller bedroom (that was on) was now off. We checked the plug and saw the plug was hanging loose/barely in the wall. We also noticed various random pieces of art, furniture & a mirror in that room. Client stated some items were from the thrift stores. We notified the client any old collectibles could have residual energy from previous owners or locations.  


We proceeded to do a cleansing using a sage & palo santo mix. We continued saging outside the home while reciting a home protection prayer. We left the remains of the extinguished sage mix off of the property. We did show the owner how to smudge the home and told them they could repeat it as they feel it is necessary. 



We were unable to experience any of the particular activity that the client had previously.   We feel that the activity they are having could be someone that previously occupied the home was trying to continue their routine they did while still alive and that it was scaring or frightening them without knowing it. Another possibility could be energy from the old items in the 2nd bedroom. We asked any spirits to move on and to stop causing issues in the home.

We showed the client how to cleanse the home and told them they could continue to cleanse the home monthly or as needed. We also advised the client that if they feel a presence to tell it to move on, it is not welcome and needs to leave.


We stated that we felt that we did all we could at that time and told them to contact us if they needed additional help.


After reviewing all of the recordings from the investigations, we were unable to gather any evidence on recorders or cameras to indicate any activity or direct responses to our questions. 


Equipment used and description:

  • K2 - indicates changes in EMF (electromagnetic field), a spirit may be near if the colored lights go beyond the green lights to yellow, orange, or red

  • Flashlights - can be set up and used as “yes/no” answers from spirits.  Spirits can use their energy to turn the lights on and off to communicate

  • Recorders - voice recorders are used to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from spirits

  • Spirit Box - there are many types, we used SB7 or SB11, or the Necrophonix application with a speaker.  These devices scan through radio waves at a high rate of speed, so that it sounds like white noise.  It is believed that spirits can manipulate the radio waves to communicate.

  • Rempod - emits lights and sound when it detects a spirit.

  • Motion detectors - small plastic balls that light up when manipulated

  • Ovilus - device which spirits can manipulate to speak the words they want from an extensive dictionary/database

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