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FINAL CASE REPORT # 10/01/2023


                                               Investigators: Kelly H., Judy, Cheryl, Nick and Brooke                                                

Times: 07:00 pm-10:36 pm


As Paranormal Investigators, we use several different pieces of equipment to communicate with spirits. These devices give confirmation that a spirit is in a location or area since they light up or spike levels when energy is near it or when touched (giving higher spikes). To get answers, we do what we call a “session”. During a session, we ask spirits to turn on/light up/manipulate our equipment to reply to questions asked. Then to turn them off again by moving away. When the lights and/or sound turn on & off when we ask a question this is considered an “intelligent response”. We always check to be sure that there is no interference or that the activity was caused by another electronic item. When ghosts are seen or heard doing or saying the same things repeatedly but do not really ever see or interact with you, these are considered “residual hauntings”. It’s like a snapshot of a past event that was captured due to strong emotional energy. These we believe can be absorbed into items or places. 

Many of the pieces of equipment below may have been used during our investigation: 


  • K2 Meter A device that may light up from green (lowest), to yellow, to orange to red (highest) when there is any change in the electromagnetic field (EMF). Spirits can manipulate it to light up when asked a question or turn it off when we ask. 

  • Flashlight A simple MagLite. Spirits can manipulate it to turn it on or off when requested. When the light turns on when we ask a question or off when we ask it to, that is an intelligent response.

  • Rempod A device that lights up and emits a beep or continuous alarm when spirits get very close or touch it.

  • Mel Meter A device that indicates EMF levels and temperature changes.

  • Motion detector  Any of several available devices that lights up when something touches or comes very near it.

  • SLS Camera  A hand or tripod held camera that can show a stick type figure on a display when there is a spirit near.

  • Digital Audio Recorder We use these to record the audio of an entire investigation. They are reviewed off site and many times capture an “EVP” (electronic voice phenomena), that we were unable to hear during the investigation. Spirits can speak to us with these.

  • Video Cameras  These are small cameras (we use between 1 & 6) set throughout the location that can record activity in a specific area. The video goes back to a set up display screen.

  • Spirit Box & Paranormal Apps (App) These devices scan through radio waves at a high rate of speed or use white noise. It is believed that spirits can manipulate them to communicate using words. 

  • Ovilus  These can be a specific device or a phone app. They display or say words that spirits speak into them.

  • Dowsing Rods & Pendulums  Handheld bent rods and a weighted item attached to a chain that allow spirits to cross them or swing in response to questions.

  • Estes Method  Done with at least 2 people… 1 person asks questions, the other person while wearing headphones plugged into a Spirit Box says out loud whatever words they hear from the box. They cannot hear the questions being asked.  


We were contacted to conduct an investigation at a home in Dearborn.  This was a 1200 sq ft,  2 story house.  The client has lived in this home for 18  months as a rental. The client lives in the home with his fiance and three children.  The children are all 4yo or younger.  The clients also have a dog which was not present for the investigation.  The client states that he has had some time of paranormal activity around him since he can remember and doesn’t believe it is associated with the home.  The client contacted us because he feels that whatever is causing activity is now trying to interact with their oldest child.   The incident that motivated him to call was hearing the child on the monitor around midnight.  The child was talking and when he entered the room, the child was on her knees talking and motioning to the wall.   When asked who she was talking to, the child said something and then started laughing hysterically.  She abruptly stopped, laid down and went back to sleep.


Possible Paranormal activity reported:

  • Client stated the owner of the home said there was a room upstairs that no one would stay in.  The client’s four year old started out staying in that room, but would talk about the monster behind the little door.  (there is a small attic door on one side of the room)

  • Client felt there was an entity watching over the children as they would hear footsteps upstairs  go from one room to the other when the youngest would cry in the master bedroom.  They would often hear “Shhhh” coming over the monitor

  • Baby gates between the rooms would swing open and close on their own

  • Tapping, banging and unexplained loud noises

  • The client stated he believes he has an attachment based on some things he did when he was younger.   It would do things, cause issues at his mother’s house when he was younger.  He has since distanced himself and things are usually quiet with minimal activity

  • The family dog reacted with barking and refused to enter the living room.  Client stated the dog was fixed on the corner of the room and barking with is unusual for the pet

  • Things are being moved, set something down, go back and it’s gone

  • See shadows moving out of the corner of his eye


Client noted he would like us to see if there is anything going on, or if he is just being sensitive due to his history.   He was involved in doing paranormal investigations in the past, so is familiar with the process and steps of an investigation


DRCP met with the client at the house.  Judy, Nick and Brooke walked the property to see if there was anything property-wise that could impact what was going on in the home.   Nothing was found that would be impactful to what was going on in the home.  Kelly and Cheryl went into the home with the client to discuss activity and see if anything had happened since Kelly had talked to the client.  When we were all together, the client gave us a tour of the home and told us where most of the activity was happening, mainly upstairs and and in the daughters’ room on the main floor.


2nd floor and attic/storage space:

We decided to start on the second floor which is where the activity was most heard/experienced.  The client asked if he could investigate with us, we went into the attic storage space which was split up into two areas.  We set Judy up to do the Estes method in the smaller storage area and we set up our equipment around us on the floor.   We put some motion sensor balls and a K2 in the space with Judy and had motion balls, rem pod, video, scare bear, and K2s in the space where we were.   We had a bit of Rem Pod reaction and the motion ball in the small storage area where Judy was, went off a couple of times.  We were asking questions and Judy responded with what she heard through the SB7.  


The words that I wrote down are as follows:  we, night, help, 12, India, Barbie, less, run, all, slow, seven (3Xs), best, tell me, sport, turn off that, where, get out, run, freezing, hi, me, hold on, sound, room, all over, ask me, don’t want, still.


Based on the word and responses, Kelly asked Judy if she thought she was talking to more than one entity.  She said she wasn’t sure since it is in one tone.  I thought based on the responses, there were at least two, as it sounded like someone wanted to provide information and another was trying to get rid of us.  Judy said she thought she heard a cat meowing in the room she was in, but she was also wearing noise canceling earphones.   Kelly and Brooke also heard noises coming from a corner of the attic which none of the team was in.  


Next we moved into the small bedroom that the attic door was attached to and Judy was using the rods to find the energy in the home.  We did some more spirit box sessions and moved into the master bedroom.


Using the dowsing rods, Judy confirmed the client seemed to be the main energy source in the house.   Anywhere she went in the home, the rods led back to him.  


The team stepped outside to take a break and discuss the investigation to that point.  We were not getting a whole lot with the equipment, but did get response with the spirit box.  When we went back into the home, Nick and Cheryl went to the basement to see if they could get anything, Kelly and Brooke went into the daughters’ bedroom with the clients.  Judy started on a cleanse mix.  In the bedroom, the spirit box was again the only device that we were getting any response with.   We got some words that were consistent with the activity going on in the home, some of the words we were getting:  wiccan, leave, get out, &itch, laughter.  At this point, Kelly used the dowsing rods to show the client how the rods pointed directly to him.  She explained that that can be used to point to energy in a home or location and help us pinpoint the area to focus on.   


In addition, we explained to the clients the feedback from our team member with gifts. The team member had taken notes throughout the night and confirmed there were two entities, an older woman who was indeed there to try to help protect the children, and another entity that was attached to the client.  


We offered to try to help remove the attachment using Reiki.  The client stated that others had tried to remove it in the past, but had not been successful.  He agreed to let us try as well if it would help his family.  We began using Reiki and worked to remove the attachment.  The entity had been with the client for years and was difficult.  We did a cleanse on the client to assist, but after working with him for a time, it was evident it would either take multiple sessions or additional assistance.  


At that point the team and the client determined it would not do much to cleanse the home, and if anything may make things more active.  We recommended the client seek assistance from his religious network to find someone who could assist with removing the attachment.  We offered to return and do a check and cleanse the home with them once the attachment had been dealt with.   We also did not want to move the older woman on as she was trying to help protect the children and the clients agreed.  She may move on, on her own, once the other issue is resolved.



We believe the activity in the home is mainly caused by the client’s attachment.  We don’t believe the rest of the family is at risk right now, but the entity must be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent future issues.  We let the client know that they could reach out if they needed anything else or if they couldn’t find someone willing to assist with the attachment and we would reach out to our contacts to get him assistance.   We would be happy to come out and help cleanse and check the home again if requested.

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