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Investigators:    Kellie D. Kim S., Kellie D., Mike D, Judy H, Kelly H., Mackenzie 

Date/Times:        8/27/22 7pmo   Weather:    in the low 70s and partial sun


The client has lived in the home several years. It was purchased in 2013 and underwent renovations for awhile before the client took occupancy. While under repair the clients brother was doing some work in the basement and told the client that he felt the house was haunted. The client wasn't 100 percent sure of what made him feel that way but he was certain in his feelings. The client had no experiences until spring 2022.

Primarily during evening hours the client has been experiencing the feeling of multiple male entities in her bedroom with her. She feels them touching her in bed and can feel them moving about in bed next to her/around her. This primarily occurs in the bedroom but has also occurred in the living room while on the couch. At times she stated she can feel them inside her and they come and go. The client has not experienced any other paranormal such as noises, voices, objects moving etc, in the home. The only activity in the home is what occurs on, near, or around her. The prior owner of the home, who is deceased, was male and had frequent male visitors. 
The client also stated their brother had an experience in the home but wasn't clear on exactly what occurred. This was during early ownership during construction and before the client moved in. The client also has a history of witnessing paranormal experiences growing up in the south. 

Equipment used and description:
K2 - indicates changes in EMF (electromagnetic field), a spirit may be near if the colored lights go beyond the green lights to yellow, orange, or red
Flashlights - can be set up and used as “yes/no” answers from spirits.  Spirits can use their energy to turn the lights on and off to communicate
Recorders - voice recorders are used to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from spirits
Spirit Box - there are many types, we used SB7 or SB11, or the Necrophonix application with a speaker.  These devices scan through radio waves at a high rate of speed, so that it sounds like white noise.  It is believed that spirits can manipulate the radio waves to communicate.
Divining Rods--copper rods used to look for energy or communicate with spirit
Rempod - emits a low EM field and alerts with light and sound if any spirit gets near.
Motion detectors - small plastic balls that light up when manipulated
Ovilus - device which spirits can manipulate to speak the words they want from an extensive dictionary/database


Locations and Details:
At the client’s home we had them talk us through some of the activity they had been experiencing and showed us where, in the home most of the activity was happening (bedroom). The client went through all the details of the activity she's been feeling at night. She stated the entities were mainly felt at night in the bedroom and were performing lude behaviors on, near and around her.  Before starting the investigation the client strongly felt she needed a spiritual cleansing. We lit a sage mix and started a prayer session with the client including her family. This laster 5-10 minutes and the client said she felt a little better. Meanwhile, Mike moved about the home's interior and exterior checking for any EMF spikes or anomalies. As Kellie and Kim set up equipment in the bedroom. Mike came back to tell us there is high EMF along the clients wall where the headboard of the bed is. Inside and outside of the house including into the basement along that wall. All the clients utilities electrical come into the home at that spot by her headboard. We explained high EMF could contribute to her experiencing unusual feelings, dreams etc. and suggested she move her bed. 
Still in the bedroom Kim and Kellie along with the client began to ask spirit to activate any of the equipment we had set up around the room. We avoided the area with the high EMF. Very little activity or response to the equipment set up. The Rempod flashlight and K2 were mostly inactive. Mike came into the bedroom with the client's son and tried multiple spirit boxes. No clear responses to our questioning.  At one point during questioning a motion ball we use did activate for a few seconds. It didn't happen again until later. We decided to do a quick check in the second bedroom. We didn't pick up anything in this room. Also no EMF was detected in this room. The client said this room was fine and had experienced nothing unusual there. 

In the living room, we used the same equipment, minus the Rempod.  We had a flashlight sitting on the TV unit, a K2 on the table, Rempod in the hallway and motion sensing balls on the floor. There was no activity for us in this room until the motion ball on the floor in front of client lit up. The client stated she felt the spirits in her and came out of her near her leg and lit up the ball. We asked spirit to try activating it again with no response. No other equipment went off. 
We all decided to check out the basement, including the client since this is where the client's brother felt something many years ago when renovating. Our equipment was totally inactive in this area of the house as we questioned spirit many times to try and present itself by way of activating equipment. Nothing occurred. 

We felt we should go through a session in her bedroom again since that's where most of the activity occurred according to client. This time our K2 meter seemed to responding to us when we were asking questions. We continued with a few more questions in order to be certain it wasn't just EMF. Something continued to scale up the EMF on the K2 as we directed whatever/whoever to cross over into the light. We strongly expressed during this session that nothing/no one was allowed in the clients home but the client and her family. The K2 became weaker and weaker. When the K2 became inactive we left the room.
We closed the session by saging the home and family members. The client was with us as we moved throughout the home expelling any spirits that might be remaining. We continued saging outside the home while reciting a home protection prayer. We left the remains of the extinguished sage mix off the property.

We advised the client we felt that we did all we could at that time and conveyed to the client to contact us if they needed additional help. 

A couple days later the client's son contacted us advising that the client's water fountain in the front room came on by itself and that she was still having the same physical experiences of something touching her. We discussed it as a team and set a date to send out 3 different investigators to see if they could help further. 

October 9th
Follow-up Investigation, Morning

Investigators: Kelly H, Judy H, Mackenzie.
Equipment: dowsing rods, K2, flashlights, sprit box, rempod, recorders, motion sensors

As reported by Kelly H. 

When we got to Lois' house and started investigating, we didn't get much activity. They had moved her bed to the other room as suggested and she said things were a little better, but she still was having some of the same issues.  Based on the first visit from the investigators report we knew about the EMF in her old room, but we also got portal activity right inside the door, next to the closet.  We did some trouble shooting...checked the closet, the room next door and in the basement under that area and still got the spinning rods, both Judy and I.

We did get at least 3 times on the spirit box someone saying "help", or "help me", and when we asked if they needed our help it said "yes" and when we asked if they wanted help moving on, we got "yes".

We also had the sons leave the house and took Lois into the bedroom to see if we got anything with her there.  As soon as she started talking the k2 started spiking.

We moved on the spirit while Lois was in the room with us.  We asked the spirit to touch the k2 before they stepped into the light.  We got one more hit and then nothing.

We closed the portal and validated,  told her to get some smokey quartz and put it in the spot and wrote out the info.  We did a cleanse with her, gave her some info about the smudge and how to do it and told her I would check in with Rick in a couple of weeks.


We did not experience any of the particular claims that the client had previously provided and as of yet have not able to gather any evidence on recorders or cameras to indicate there was a lot of activity going on (Still reviewing audio).  In the bedroom was the only place we were getting any repetitive intelligent response (spirit using the equipment to respond to specific questions).  Our thought is that someone that previously occupied the home was trying to continue their routines they carried out in the home while alive and was scaring or frightening them without knowing it.  We asked spirit to move on and to stop causing issues in the home.

We showed the client how to cleanse the home and told them to continue to cleanse the home monthly or as needed, possible within the next week and then as needed. Client was provided smoky quartz/sage mix on first investigation. As well as provided name of a local holistic store. Mike sealed the mirrors as they can be a means of traffic from different dimensions into our own.  

We also advised the client that they need to take back their home and if they feel a presence to tell it to move on, it is not welcome and needs to go elsewhere. Just as, we performed with her during the saging. We will continue to review audio and if we discover any new findings we will forward them to the client's email. 

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