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DETROIT ROCK CITY PARANORMAL - Willis House Investigation



FINAL CASE REPORT    #190615Willis


Contact:            Mark Briones


Investigators:    Mike, Kellie D, Kristie, Thomas, Judy, Kelly H, Kim, Carrie and guests Mark, Jamie and Mackenzie


Times:        7:30p-1:30a        Weather:    70’s & sprinkling


The Willis House Inn was built in 1856 by the Albin’s. It is the oldest house in Willis, MI. The approximately 6000 sq. ft. house is situated on a huge semi-wooded corner lot. It is currently owned by Don & Sherry. Don had always felt drawn to the house. He and Sherry were able to buy it in 2012. Don and Sherry’s dream is to finish the house and use it as a Bed & Breakfast. 


The house has been used for several things over the years. The Albin’s sold the house to the Finney’s. The house was then sold to the Martz family. The location was rumored to have made alcohol there during the prohibition. Two of the Martz sons used the home as a vacation house. In 1968, The Martz brothers gave the home to a catholic church who used it as a convent and a home for unwed teen Moms and daycare for their children. In the early 1980’s it was bought by the Schrock family. The Schrock family had an adult foster home. A Ms. Silbert bought it in the late 90’s. She used the house as a closed head injury facility. The Willis House has seen many things through the years. Unfortunately, that includes many deaths. The home sat empty for 7 years before Don found out that it was for sale. 


D.R.C.P. met at the Willis House with Don & Sherry (homeowners) and with Mark and Terri (Marter Paranormal). Don and Sherry filled their 10’ island in the kitchen with snacks and desserts for us. Mark and Terri gave the team (minus Carrie and Jamie) a tour and some of the history of the home. They also told us about some of the paranormal activity experienced by themselves and other guests. Some of them included hair being touched, unexplainable noises, they’ve captured some pictures that have shadows, apparitions…, we were told of the spirit outside that they call Larry and another spirit in the basement they call Ed.


Carrie and Jamie now joined us as they did not want to know any of the history or stories. We broke up into 3 groups one in the basement, 1 upstairs and 1 outside. The groups switched areas approximately every hour.  We later gathered on the main floor in the “Ghost Room” and lastly, back in the kitchen.


Some experiences in the upstairs rooms: We had K2 and flashlight activity. Carrie was feeling head pain, we felt this was in relation to the closed head injury patients who were housed there. Carrie also picked up on children and sadness. There had been children there while it housed the unwed Moms & daycare. Jamie’s neck was touched.


Some experiences in the basement rooms: We felt we were communicating with a lady who may have been a maid or servant at the home due to the appropriate K2 & flashlight responses to questions we asked. One of our questions to her was “do you like to hang out and gossip”? The flashlight and K2 both went on. We decided to put on some music (40’s) and we picked up on the Kinect a stick figure that looked as though it was dancing. As soon as we said “ok, were going to turn off the music”, the figure disappeared.


Some experiences outside: We felt we were communicating with a spirit that may have been “Larry” in the wooded fort area. The spirit was also picked up on the kinect.  


Some experiences in the main floor kitchen: While we were gathered in the kitchen before the investigation began, 3 of our investigators had their hair touched and later in the night, we had good K2 activity responding to our questions.  


Some experiences in the main floor “Ghost Room”: Many of our Investigators were in and out of the room at the end of the night. Carrie and Jamie did not want to enter the room. Carrie felt a negative energy and that there was a male spirit who didn’t like the women being in the room. Mackenzie said the room made her sad and she felt like crying. Jamie was sitting on bed and felt cold on her side. She had goosebumps on that side only. She said it felt like something very cold sat down right next to her (no vents or drafts). As 2 more females entered the room, Carrie said the negative male spirit left and Mackenzie said she felt better at the same time. Carrie also picked up on a female spirit that she felt worked there in the past, maybe a maid or servant.


For the last stop of the evening we all gathered back in the kitchen to finish off the investigation, have some snacks and to chit chat some more with Don, Sherry, Mark and Terri. Don and Sherry were such gracious hosts and a very delightful couple. They like having people visit their home. We all felt very welcome and really enjoyed the evening.


We all had different experiences during our investigation. We had no activity in some areas, some had light activity. Some areas had a lot of activity or communication. Other areas we received undeniable evidence. We all agree that there is definitely paranormal activity in the Willis House and that they have many spirits living with them. We wish Don and Sherry many years of happiness and friendly spirits, as they like it.

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