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Information/activity reported from the client:

The client contacted us due to the following items happening within the home:
Banging noises in the home 
Doors closing
Children and client seeing a shadow person
Painting in hallway being turned on found on the floor
Once at the home, the client noted that she felt there was something negative in the home and reported that she had been touched on the shoulder and leg.  

Investigation Detail:

We began the investigation around 7pm with the client giving us a walk through of the home.  It was a nice evening and the client lives across the street from a park.  There were a number of people and kids out walking and playing along the street.  Sometimes they could be heard through the windows of the residence.   During the investigation, the client, spouse, oldest son and five dogs were present at the home.  The client stated that the children, ranging in age from 11- early 20s, had seen a shadow man in the basement, normally near the laundry room.  She stated that she did not like the basement and tried to minimize her time down there.  She noted she does not like basements as she had found her deceased brother, Ed, in a basement.  

On the main floor the client noted she had seen the shadow person on the stairway to the basement and the hallway (from her bedroom).  She noted she felt she had been touched on her shoulder and leg as well.  The clients have a camera in the family room and stated they had picked up possible orbs.   

We started by checking each room (except the youngest daughter’s room-due to her dog) for EMF (electromagnetic fields) to get a baseline.  Most of the rooms in the home were showing high EMF (20+mGs).  The only rooms not indicating this were the larger area in the basement and the family room.
Items that cause high EMF:  wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers), wi-fi, bluetooth, power lines.  Railways can also cause increased EMF.  Please note, it is believed that exposure to high EMF over time can cause dermatological symptoms, fatigue, nausea, heart palpitations, and digestive disturbances as well as headaches and anxiety. 
To limit EMF in the home you can turn off devices when not in use.  Shungite may also help with EMF. 
If interested, you can contact your local power company to schedule an on-site reading to test EMF in your home.

We then went to the basement where we used our SB-11, K-2, motion balls, touch sensitive bear, Rempod and spirit box to investigate.  Kelly, Melissa, and Mandi were in the laundry area and Jeff and Nick were in one of the bedrooms in the basement.  Due to proximity, any EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) may be difficult to decipher due to cross contamination with both groups being so close.  The one definitive item we all got on our spirit box or Estes method was the name Ed.

While the clients, Jeff and Nick were in one the bedroom in the basement, Kelly, Melissa, and Mandi went upstairs to the youngest son’s bedroom.  We used our rempod, spirit box, and motion balls to investigate.  We continued to get the name Ed.  We are still reviewing our recordings, but there was sound coming from the basement and the animals in their crates in the next room.  Any possible EVPs may be difficult to detect.

Jeff and Nick came upstairs and went into the client’s bedroom to investigate and the ladies went back down to the basement.   Again, the main item from the spirit boxes was the name “Ed”.  Throughout the evening we really did not get much activity from the K2s, the rempods, or other items.

Jeff came down to the basement and Kelly went up to join Nick in the client’s room.  There was slight rempod temperature activity, but note the air conditioning had been off and was turned back on.  The K2 sitting on the client's bed did flicker a couple of times, but not in direct response to anything specific.  Upon leaving the client’s room, we did notice the painting in the hallway was not hanging centered.   No one saw it move, or mentioned bumping it.  Nick was going to check his video to see if it was hanging correctly earlier in the evening or not. 

Nick and Jeff took video and are reviewing it for any evidence.  Any evidence pointing to paranormal will be sent to the client.


In Conclusion…

Based on minimal equipment activity and the one constant, responses from Ed,  we believe any activity and sightings are possibly caused by Ed, the brother of the client.   Due to what we would call sound pollution, we were not able to clearly identify any captured EVP activity.  With the team and clients there were eight people in the home as well as two crated dogs, two other dogs outside, proximity to a park, and additional people at the home near the end of the investigation that could impact any recordings.

We would like to note that the EMF for the home seems high compared to initial reading that we normally get.  It might be why some of the family are not feeling as well as they normally do.  With research, I found that the power company can be called for an evaluation if the family thinks it is needed.

At the end of the evening, we asked if the client would like us to help Ed cross over and she declined noting he would go when ready.   We also offered to do a cleanse on the home.  The client declined stating one had been done previously and activity had increased.  

We do not feel that there are negative spirits present at the home, all evidence only points to Ed.
We’d like to thank the client for allowing us to investigate their house. 


FINAL CASE REPORT # 07012023 Allen Park


Investigators: Kelly H., Melissa, Mandi, Jeff, and Nick 

Time: 7:03 pm-9:10pm

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