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Investigation date:    06/21/19

Investigators:        Mike, Kellie D, Carrie, Jeff, Kelly H, Kim

Times:        8:00p-11:00p            Weather:    High 70s, clear

Equipment used:    KII, Spirit Box, Kinect, Portal App, Ghost Detector App, flashlights, digital and video recorders



The residence investigated was a 3-story farmhouse on a corner lot in Howell. It was built over 119 years ago. The home was originally owned by Andrew McKean, his wife Jennie and their 3 children. Andrew McKean died in the home by falling down the stairs in 1926.



The client claims that they have had unexplainable experiences for years. Her daughter has experienced spirits visiting her and is very scared. The client has been pushed on the stairs. Everyone in the household (and friends) have had experiences, they’ve seen a hooded figure, heard doors slam... 



D.R.C.P. arrived at the home and met the client and her boyfriend. They joined us for the whole investigation. We were setting up some video equipment, Kellie saw what looked like a vertical, slightly curved white line moving up the steps to upstairs. When all was set up, we split into two groups. One group went to the basement and the other upstairs.


Six of us began in the upstairs master bedroom... We set up some equipment and began asking questions. Within minutes, Kellie felt something touch her arm. She was sitting on the floor with the door opened about ½ way right up against her. She said it felt like static. We began getting flashlight and KII activity reacting to some questions. We felt we were communicating with Andrew McKean. Some responses were:

  • We asked, “has anyone tried crossing him over?”heard “no”

  • We asked, “don’t you want to go be with your wife?”heard “wife”

Some other words/responses were: “I need your help” or “are you in or out” and we heard “Andrew” several times. As we were assisting Andrew with crossing over, we asked him to turn on the flashlight when he saw the bright light before he goes in. The flashlight turned on then off and all of the activity on our equipment stopped.


We moved into the hallway (upstairs)... We had some flashlight and KII activity. Some spikes to “are you a child?”, “what is your name?”, “does your name start with an S?” We then received a name on The Ghost Detector App. The client said her daughter right then is with her friend by that name.  


We moved to the basement… The client was told that there was a portal in the basement where there was a cross on the floor. We used the Dowsing Rods in the area and did not get a reaction. Some of the responses through the Portal App in the basement during our questions were: “this house is haunted” and “I can’t get out”.                


Finally, we all gathered in the main floor kid’s bedroom. Within 8 minutes of us beginning, Kellie told the spirit it could sit between her and Jeff. Just after that, Mike saw an orb between them. A couple minutes later, the battery on the client’s phone and the Kinect both died. Using the Portal Plus App, we asked “what is your name?” Response, “Daniel”. We asked “Do you know who the daughter is?” Response, “You know who she is,'' Asked'' What do you want here?” Response, “I don’t know”. There was a drawing of the client’s daughter’s taped on the wall. No one was near it when, the top corner of it fell down. While we were sticking it back up, we heard that daughter’s name on the Portal App. 



We had our Team Psychic, Carrie with us. Some of her experiences were:

  1. Before she arrived, she was contacted by a spirit which turned out to be a friend of the client’s boyfriend. She wrote down the boyfriend’s name before she Response there.  

  2. Carrie assisted with the crossing over and said “he’s gone” just after the flashlight turned off.

  3. She kept feeling that she needed to talk to Amanda’s boyfriend regarding a friend of his who had passed. He confirmed how he passed years ago. We also received words that were relevant to the situation that he confirmed.

  4. Carrie wrote down “8”. She asked the ages of the client’s daughter and her friend. The friend 8 and her daughter also started sensing spirits when she was 8.

  5. Carrie felt nauseous by the basement stairs but did not feel anything else in the basement.

  6. Right before the batteries died on the phone and Kinect camera in the main floor bedroom, Carrie wrote down “not seen”.

  7. While we were in the kid’s bedroom, Carrie picked up on a dark hooded figure that appeared as a negative energy at first. She said that he is not truly negative, just trying to scare the client and her daughter.



The team’s collective opinion based on the evidence heard on site and some after listening to recordings off of site is that this home does have some paranormal activity. We feel confident that Andrew, the previous homeowner was crossed over but there still seems to be some energy, possibly the “hooded figure” that remains. Until her daughter learns more about how to use her “gift” there is a good chance that spirits will be drawn to her and the home. Carrie did extend an offer to the client that if her daughter would like to speak with someone, she would be happy to speak with her.  


We would like to thank the client for inviting us into her home. We enjoyed our evening with the two of them and wish them all the best going forward.

DRCP Investigation Howell Residence


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