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Investigation date:    09-02-19

Location: Hinsdale House, Hinsdale NY

Investigators: Mike D., Kellie D., Carrie B , Kelly H., Judy H., Cheryl N., Kristie W.

Time:  7:00p-3:00AM 

Weather: High low 80s, cloudy with

Equipment Used: Spirit Box, Kinect, Portal App, Ovilus, K2 flashlights, digital SLS Camera system, dowsing rods and video recorders



In the 1970's the Dandy family occupied this residence for a few years. During the time they lived there they were haunted by malevolent spirits, disembodied voices, apparitions and physical inflictions from unseen forces. The activity was witnessed inside and outside the home. The family involved clergy and Ed and Lorraine Warren to clear the home of the unwelcome spirits. After an exorcism on the home activity waned but then amped up again. More details can be found in the books written by Clara Miller, Echoes of a Haunting and You Know They’re Here by and Paul Kenyon.


Upon arriving all the investigators felt an odd sense of being watched from the  tree line. The house is relatively unassuming and painted a stark white. Its about a 1000 square foot 2 story home with 4 medium sized to small bedrooms. At this time we were in the driveway talking to Author, Paul Kenyon whom we invited, and Dan Klaes, homeowner. We all proceeded inside to look around. It was a very basic layout. 1 small bedroom Upon entry you step in the kitchen. There’s a small bedroom to the right. The left wall has two openings on the left, one goes to a family room and the other goes upstairs to the bedroom.


A few of us headed up the hill to the Indian Giving Tree. We placed ornaments on the tree and headed back. None of us felt or heard anything out of order. Once our equipment was in position in the home it was nearing 8:30. While Mike was setting up the static cameras he was bending over the equipment when he suddenly felt a finger swipe across the back of his neck. Paul was nearby and saw Mike pop up and look around. No one was near Mike.  Paul Kenyon our guest who was well associated with the house began telling us stories about the house. At one point one investigator, Kellie, thought she saw a curtain move although all windows were double sealed, closed and shrink wrapped. Upon reviewing our video you can faintly see the curtain move ever so slightly. While Paul was telling his stories the ovilus was spitting out words that directly corresponded to what he was saying. So accurate in fact that we all attested to never seeing anything quite like it. Our REM POD alarm was sounding quite a bit detecting temperature changes. That could possibly be attributed to door to the kitchen causing a draft as people filtered in and out.

A few team members including Judy, Kelly and Carrie headed upstairs shortly after arrival and there was a heavy baby buggy in Mary's room that slightly moved as Judy exited the room. They tried to recreate the movement but it was to heavy to roll or move on it’s own. They tried contacting spirit in the parent’s room where Paul was yelled at but they were only getting slight K2 activity at this point. As they headed back down they passed Laura’s room where Carrie thought she saw a shadow moving under the window. We later captured an image of what appears to be a lady sitting by that window. (SEE IMAGE BELOW) 


Paul decided to go upstairs and try and stir up spirits. We had already gone up but all of us were back down now tending to our equipment and helping Mike with his cameras. As Paul reached the top he said into the darkness “Hey dumb dumb”. It was at that very second Paul ran fast down the stairs saying “Oh, no no.” We thought he was messing around until we saw his face turned grey. We quickly sat him down and he said a voice yelled, “Come Here”. Upon quickly reviewing our recorders we found he was right! (SEE EVP BELOW). He was really shaken over the incident as were we. A bit later Paul stated he wanted to put his drink in the fridge to make it cold. The ovilus said "cold” and Mel-meter went off.

A bit later, most of the team members went back upstairs and Paul went with them.  He made himself go into the closet where he thought the voice had come from earlier.  Mike had the Kinect working and aimed it in Mary’s room and picked up an anomaly.   Whenever Judy or Paul’s friend went into Mary’s room, the anomaly would show up.  It touched Judy’s hair.  When Paul would try to go into the room, it would disappear.  When he left the room, it would come back.  This happened multiple times. Mike also captured a figure clearly patting Carrie on her head using his Kinect. (See pics below) 


Our next round of activity came while using the Spirit Box in the living room. We came in contact with a boy. We used a green and bright pink ball as a trigger object. We were able to get the child to tell us the colors on the ball. We have a recording of him saying, "green and red". We also captured him telling us his age and name when we asked. (SEE RECORDINGS BELOW). During the line of questioning there was a male also who answered questions on queue in regard to colors on the EMF detectors (RED) and telling us his name when asked. (SEE RECORDINGS)

Kelly, Mike, Carrie and Judy went upstairs to see if they could contact what had yelled at Paul earlier. Kelly was using the dowsing rods, and believes they were talking with a Native American from the area.  They asked if he appreciated the giving tree behind the house and asked him if we knew what gifts we had left.  Using the dowsing rods, it indicated we left and ornament and tobacco from a long list of items we provided.  The spirit said it was there to protect the land.  Carrie was trying to get some information from the spirit, but it didn’t seem to want to communicate much with her. We did not know it at the time, but Kellie D was outside taking a break and heard Native American flute sounds during the time we were interacting with the Native American spirit.  Kellie ran up the stairs to tell us her experience and we went outside, but were not able to hear it or get it to happen again.  


During the early morning hours, Kristie heard the table next to the sofa move. She also reported hearing what sounded like a small chain or metal object falling to the floor but nothing was there. The morning was uneventful as we packed to head home.


Dowsing rod session 1

John are you here? No 

Is there a female Present? Yes

Are you the female seen at the pond? Yes

Did you come through a portal, is there one here? Yes


Dowsing rod session 2

Kelly, Judy, Mike and Cheryl and I went upstairs to hold a dowsing rod session:

Is anyone here? Yes

Did you live in this house? No

On the Land? Yes

Did you know the Dandy Family? No

The McMahon’s? No

Are you an Indian? Yes

Do you like the Giving Tree? Yes

Did you Die here? Yes

Are you here to watch over the place and protect it? Yes

Do you have ancestors here? Yes

Are you Male? Yes

Are you Chippewa? No / Are you Sioux? No/ Are you Seneca? Yes

 Is there a Little Boy here? Don’t know

(Judy heard a small growl come from Mary’s room similar to a stomach growl.)

Are there others here? Yes

Did you see the gifts we left you at the giving tree? Yes

The Peace Pipe? No

The Dream Catcher? No

The Tobacco? Yes

Did you like the Ornaments? Yes

Did white men bury Bodies? Don’t Know

Did the Everts Rob Stage Coaches? Don’t Know

Did your people live here a long time? Yes

In the 1700s? No / In the 1800s? Yes

Are you Stuck here? Yes

Is the Indian Stuck? No

Is there someone Stuck? Yes

Can you give Carrie the Name? Yes

Is it a boy? No

Is it a girl? Yes / Is it a child? Yes


CONCLUSION: This location is undoubtedly haunted as is the land. We'd like to thank Paul Kenyon and Daniel Klaes for making this investigation most interesting.





We noticed another voice in the conversation while reviewing our evidence. We believe the responses are:

"up here" at 13 seconds
"where?" at 2:48
"can you here me?" at 3:03
"five" at 3:35
"my name is Stephanie" at 4:04

Mary's RoomDRCP
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