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FINAL CASE REPORT            #190610Raven


Client Contact:        Jessica


Investigators:        Mike, Kellie D, Kristie, Thomas, Judy, Kelly H, Kim


Times:        8:00p-12:30a        Weather:    Low 70’s & clear


Equipment used:    KII, Spirit Box, Raudive Diode, Mirror Box, Kinect, Mirror Box, Portal App, digital & video recorders



The building investigated is currently named The Raven Café. The original building is from the 1870’s. It is one of the oldest buildings in historic downtown Port Huron. In 1993, this building was vacant and considered the “worst looking building in Port Huron”. It was purchased and completely restored in 1993. 


In 2000, The Raven Café was born. The café is “a cultural, musical & culinary Mecca in the heart of Port Huron”. The Raven has live music/entertainment as well as a full cocktail, craft beer and coffee bar. They also serve desserts, soups, salads, and sandwiches all uniquely named and everything (we tasted) was pleasantly different and delicious. The interior of the building is eclectic with artwork and bookshelves holding thousands of antique books all around. On the main floor there is the dining room and bar. The 2nd level is a library/lounge type area and also has the stage. The atmosphere is welcoming from the decor to the service.   


D.R.C.P. met at The Raven for dinner. Our server Max, who knew we were there for an investigation, told us of some possible paranormal activity in his apartment over the Café. One night he heard someone breathe a sigh behind him in his bed and then said, it felt like someone rolled over. Another time, he had a picture on the wall that when he returned home, was around the corner on the floor. Finally, he told us of a time where he woke up and found a perfect circle of cereal on the floor. We discussed possibly coming back out to do an investigation of his apartment at a later date.


We placed our orders and met Jessica, the Raven Café’s Media Specialist. Jessica interviewed all of us together after dinner for a write up on their website. When done with the interview, she relayed to us some of the staff’s experiences in the building saying, “Staff here have reported first hand late night paranormal 

experiences, such as lights flickering in the kitchen and hearing bells at the bottom of the stairs. A few people have heard chairs moving around upstairs and heard footsteps coming down the stairs after everyone else had left for the night”. 


After we finished our dinner and they closed for the night, D.R.C.P gathered in the basement. It was too noisy to begin due to the staff cleaning up on the main level and re-stocking from the basement supplies. We congregated to the 2nd level as it was quieting down. We began our investigation by setting up our equipment around the area. 


After about an hour of asking questions, we were able to determine from the responses we received (on-site), that we were communicating with a man that was from the area and that he did something along the water. 


We had flashlight interaction with responses to questions by Kelly H and Judy. This activity seemed to pick up while we were playing music from the 1940’s. Some of the questions asked were:

  • Do you like the Raven Café? 

  • Do you like the staff?

  • Do you sometimes mess around with Max’s stuff in his apartment?

During each of the above questions, the flashlight would turn on for a yes answer then turn off when we asked it to.


Kristie also received responses with the dowsing rods (they would cross for a yes answer). Her questions were:  

  • Do you know Jessica (our contact there)?        Yes 

  • Do you know Pauly (works in the kitchen)?        Yes 

  • Do you know Max (server & tenant)?            Yes 

  • Do you know Sadat & Jody (owners)?        Yes

Kristie also asked for the dowsing rods to point to each individual investigator when she said their name. It responded correctly each time.


So… is The Raven Café haunted??? It very well may be, especially with it being in such an old building. Maybe the spirits in the building aren’t big on speaking with strangers. Though we did receive some intelligent responses on site, we were unable to pick up anything remarkable on audio, video or photos reviewed off of site.


We all enjoyed the atmosphere, people, food, coffee and investigating at The Raven Café. This is definitely a stop we’d make again and will refer others to stop in for a bite or drink if in the area. 

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