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Investigators: Mike, Kellie D., Judy, Kelly H., Kim


Times: 5:00pm to 7:30pm Weather: 90s and hot




The home was built in 1955 it was 1035 sq ft.  The home only had one previous owner who is the late Uncle of the client.   It is a two story home with a basement. 


·Reported cold spots, hearing sounds when no one is around, hearing voices, objects disappearing and the reappearing, lights  flickering. 

·The oldest child doesn’t want to sleep in her room.  One of the clients has seen a shadow figure pass her room.  Report of figure upstairs and at the top of the stairs.  Footsteps being heard on levels of the home where no one is.

·One of the clients noted he had premonitions of things that would happen the next day

·One of the clients felt as if the grandfather who had passed a while ago was watching over them

·One of the clients noted they could “feel” spirits when they are near, deceased friend, grandfather, and sometimes smells the cologne

·They would like to know what is there and that is not negative, if it is family or friends they are welcome to stay


Equipment and descriptions: Not all of the equipment listed is used at all investigations.

·         Video cameras - on the Box Level

·         K2 - indicates changes in EMF (electromagnetic field), a spirit may be near if the colored lights go beyond the green

          lights to yellow, orange, or red.

·         Flashlights - can be set up and used as “yes/no” answers from spirits.  Spirits can use their energy to turn the lights on and 

         off to communicate.

·         Rempod - emits a low EM field and alerts with light and sound if any spirit gets near.

·         Recorder - voice recorders are used to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from spirits.

·         Spirit Box - there are many types, we used SB7 or SB11, or the Necrophonix application with a speaker. 

         These devices scan  through  radio waves at a high rate of speed, so that it sounds like white noise.  It is believed that spirits

         can manipulate the radio waves to communicate.

·         Motion detectors - small plastic balls that light up when manipulated.

·         Trailcam - motion activated camera set up to take video and sound when there is movement within its range.

·         SLS camera - detects anomalies in the area. These show up as stick figures.

·         EDI Data Logger—EMF meter with sound and dual readout.  It graphs all readings for EMF, ambient temperature,

          vibration, pressure and humidity.

We arrived at the home at 5pm on 7/3/20. The client provided a tour of the home and the spots where activity seemed to be prevalent.  The team started in the upper corner bedroom where the client’s child and infant sleep.  The child stated that she was having bad dreams and when she woke up the monster/ghost was in her room.  She also said she had seen someone outside her window, but she is on the second floor.


K2 meter, dowsing rods, recorders and EDI Datalogger

Location:  Client’s Father’s bedroom  

Though there was no reported activity in the room, but the dowsing rods directed the team to the room as a source of energy.  The K2 was placed on the bed and did have slight reactions when questions were asked.  We were trying to determine if anyone was in the room, and who they might be.  We did not have a lot of activity, but no indication of anything negative.



Dowsing rods, K2, recorders, EDI Datalogger, Rempod, Ghost finder application/Ovulus

Location: Second floor and the children’s room  

On second floor, the dowsing rods again led to the back corner of the home, which is the children’s bedroom.  We set up in the room, most of the equipment was quite.  We had some reactions with the K2 in the room while asking questions. 

We went into the client’s room and did not pick up any activity, but the dowsing rods continued to point to the children’s room

Further on down the hallway, near the stairs landing we were getting some K2 activity around where the shadow was noted at the top of the stairs



Dowsing Rods, K2

Location: Basement

We went into the basement and the rods led to the back corner of the basement, there was some K2 activity that was not impacted by the appliances in the basement



Dowsing Rods, K2, recorders, RemPod

Location:  Mainfloor/corner bedroom

We went into the corner bedroom again just to see if we were able to pick up any additional activity.   Again the K2 went off while on the bed, but other than that no activity



Smudge kit

Location: Entire home

The team put together a smudge pot and two of the team members went though and gave the home a good cleansing.  The individuals took a couple of the clients with them to show them what to do so that they could continue to smudge and clear any negativity from the home.  We gave the child some spray and some protective stone and told her how to use them and where to put them. 




We did not pick up a lot of activity with the equipment or with EVPs.  We do not feel that there is any negative energy in the home.  Any energy or activity in the home may be related to the prior owner who is also a family member.  We picked up the most activity and energy sources in the corner bedroom (Client’s Father’s room) which used to be the deceased family member’s room, the children’s room which is directly above the main floor corner bedroom, and the same corner of the home, in the basement where the previous owner had a workbench.  Many times there may be residual energy of someone who lived in the home, especially in the places that they spent a lot of time in and were happy or content in.  We feel that any activity in the home may be from the deceased Uncle and grandfather as almost everyone in the home seemed to have a connection with both of these family members.  When they visit they are most likely checking on the family or just letting them know they are still around even though not physically.

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