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Investigation date: 12-05-20

Investigators:   Kelly H., Judy H., Ace, Mike D., Kellie D., Kim S. 

Time:  8:00p -11:00p            Weather: 25 degree, clear skies with light flurries, light wind               

Equipment Used: KII, Spirit Box, Kinect, Portal App, Ghost Detector App, Necrophonics, Necrocom device, flashlights, digital recorders



The property had one main aluminum clad, bungalow style residence and a second residence next to the main house. It was converted from an aluminum clad, wood frame garage to a single bedroom home for the property owners daughter, boyfriend and toddler. This was the location of our investigation.



The client residing in the smaller home on the property said their toddler aged child is seeing and hearing a man. The client submitted a recording for review where you could hear a faint whispering at the same time the child was speaking. He appeared to be able to see someone or something during the recordings. The whispering was too subtle to make out.  The client reported the child who shared a bedroom with them would wake very upset around 2-3 a.m. seeing this male figure. 



D.R.C.P. arrived at the home and met the client and her boyfriend as well as family members that remained in the main house for most of the investigation. We asked that the child not be in attendance. 


We set up our equipment in the main living area and began our investigation. Ace and Mike D. Checked for high EMF readings and found that there was high EMF running down the center of the location (kitchen & bedroom). There were also high EMF readings in the furnace room which was connected by an open doorway to the bedroom where the two adults and child slept. 


Outside Kelly H. and Judy H. wanted to check the property for any anomalies by use of dowsing rods. There was a mound on the back area of the lot where the rods kept pointing too.  They were definitely picking up some energy in that spot. We asked about it and the family knew very little about the mound but mentioned finding animal bones back there. 


We did research prior to our visit on the land and found names of former owners. We used these names during our Q&A with any spirits that may be present to see if we could invoke some activity or responses on the equipment. Meanwhile, in the bedroom Ace was noticing the motion activated balls. He would ask questions and they would light up in response. Ace is a sensitive and can usually make contact if anything is present. He feels there was a transient spirit there. It could also possibly be a deceased relative, or a property owner that had passed.


We all convened in the main living area and worked with our SB11 (spirit box) and other devices to see if we could elicit any responses. We also had the mother of our client join us from the main house to see if we could capture any responses while she was present (she is the current landowner). We didn’t notice any changes and our equipment wasn’t picking anything remarkable. 


Toward the end of our investigation Kellie D. and others noticed a faded ball of light bouncing around on the back wall but determined that was a light anomaly caused by the kitchen lighting. A couple team members decided to do a quick check on the main house using the KII and didn’t pick up on anything negative. 


We ended our investigation by cleansing the house and talking to the client about prayer and encouraged that once we left that they not speak of the spirit or attempt to invoke any spirit. We advised the client on cleansing and felt that activity should cease once we left. 


The team’s collective opinion based on the evidence seen on site and videos presented by the client that this home may have had some residual or transient paranormal activity but that spirit was not presenting itself as spirits often know that the final result is their removal. We feel confident that after cleansing and asking all spirits to vacate that progress was made. Our audio recorders didn't reveal any EVPs. 


We would like to thank the client for inviting us into her home. We enjoyed our evening with the clients and wish them well moving forward.

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