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FINAL CASE REPORT     #032523 Romulus
Investigators: Kim, Melissa, Mandi, Kelly H. 

Time:    7:20pm-9:40pm 

DRCP was contacted to investigate a tri-level house built in the 1960s. The owner has lived in the house for 3 years. Some of the possible paranormal activity reported was:

-motion activated camera showed curtain moving
-shadows out of corner of eye
-hears voices and toys being played with in basement (toy area)
-feels threatened
-hears tapping & banging
DRCP met the client at the house as she is not living there because of feeling threatened. We were shown around the house and the client waited outside during the entire investigation. 

After we set up some equipment in the master bedroom, we began asking questions to see if there were any spirits with us. We told them they could use our equipment to communicate with us. When we said the owner is scared of what's going on in the home, the motion activated ball and K2 went off. Some of the responses we experienced in this room were:

-Do you know the client/are you related?  No response
-Are you stuck here? Rempod
-Did you have an accident in the area? K2s
-Are there children here besides the owners' kids? Rempod
-Only children? K2
-Are there kids in the basement?  Rempod
The motion activated ball was activated many times. So much that we turned it off and back on to be sure it wasn’t acting up. The K2’s were lit up after that.

After we set up we heard a tapping by the window. One person went outside to see if something was hitting the house. Nothing was hanging. We pushed on the window pane and it was loose. We feel that this was the reason for hearing the tapping noise. The flashlights became active for like 5 minutes going on & off.
-You can use the flashlight to respond yes to us. K2
-Do you need help to move on? Rempod
-Have you tried to move on? Flashlight on
-Equipment was going off randomly
-Do you know Vanise? “Nise”
-Do you like music? “No”
We turned the music on and our equipment were silent so we turned it off.
-Why are you here? “Rest in peace”
-Do you want to rest in peace? “Yes”
-Are you trying to scare the family? “No”
- “Help me”
-Were you in some type of accident? Flashlight on
-Do you want to join your friends, family, pets? "Sure" (audio clip) 
-Turn on the flashlight again if you want to cross over. Flashlight on
-Can you turn it off so we can help you? “I’m cautious”
-See the bright light?  Yes on dowsing rods
-Your loved ones will be there to greet you. "Hello" (audio clip) 
-Do you see it? “Dad” (audio clip) 
-Do you see your family? “My son”
-Did you go to the light? “Yeah” (2xs)


We feel that there may have been a couple spirits in the home and at least one was a child. We assisted them with “crossing over”. We do not feel that there was anything negative in the home. We cleansed the house with the client before we left. 

hello then dad
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do you want to see your friends and family
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