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GROUP 1 Mike D, Kellie D, Carrie, Ace, Kim


Time: 5:00-7:15 PM

Weather: 80s overcast and cloudy


Paranormal Investigators use several different pieces of equipment to communicate with spirits. These devices give confirmation that a spirit is in a location or area since they light up or spike levels when energy is near it or when touched (giving higher spikes). To get answers, we do what we call a “session”. During a session, we ask spirits to turn on/light up/manipulate our equipment to reply to questions asked. Then to turn them off again by moving away. When the lights and/or sound turn on & off when we ask a question that is considered an “intelligent response”. This is not interference or caused by another electronic item. We do always check to be sure of this. When ghosts are seen or heard doing or saying the same things repeatedly but do not really ever see or interact with you, these are considered “residual hauntings”. It’s like a snapshot of a past event that was captured due to strong emotional energy. These we believe can be absorbed into items or places. 

Many of the pieces of equipment below may have been used during our investigation: 


  • K2 Meter: A device that may light up from green (lowest), to yellow, to orange to red (highest) when there is any change in the electromagnetic field (EMF). Spirits can manipulate it to light up when asked a question or turn it off when we ask. 

  • Flashlight:  A simple MagLite. Spirits can manipulate it to turn it on or off when requested. When the light turns on when we ask a question or off when we ask it to, that is an intelligent response.    

  • Rempod    A device that lights up and emits a beep or continuous alarm when spirits get very close or touch it.

  • Mel Meter : A device that indicates EMF levels and temperature changes.

  • Motion detector:  Any of several available devices that lights up when something touches or comes very near it.

  • SLS Camera  A hand or tripod held camera that can show a stick type figure on a display when there is a spirit near.

  • Digital Audio Recorder We use these to record the audio of an entire investigation. They are reviewed off site and many times capture an “EVP” (electronic voice phenomena), that we were unable to hear during the investigation. Spirits can speak to us with these.

  • Video Cameras: These are small cameras (we use between 1 & 6) set throughout the location that can record activity in a specific area. The video goes back to a set up display screen.

  • Spirit Box & Paranormal Apps (App) These devices scan through radio waves at a high rate of speed or use white noise. It is believed that spirits can manipulate them to communicate using words. 

  • Ovilus: These can be a specific device or a phone app. They display or say words that spirits speak into them.

  • Dowsing Rods & Pendulums  Handheld bent rods and a weighted item attached to a chain that allow spirits to cross them or swing in response to questions.

  • Estes Method: Done with at least 2 people… 1 person asks questions, the other person while wearing headphones plugged into a Spirit Box says out loud whatever words they hear from the box. They cannot hear the questions being asked.  


We were contacted to conduct a follow up investigation at a residence in Warsaw, IN. that was reported to have documented paranormal activity. 


The client was experiencing several paranormal issues at their home which is set on several acres and two large patches of wooded tree lines.  The young grandchild who is ‘a sensitive’ was communicating with spirits that would appear to be coming from the tree lines and coming into the home.  Other family members reported seeing apparitions and hearing noises. They were concerned about spirits influencing the grand children. Another team had been to the location a month prior but the client was still experiencing paranormal issues. 


Before starting our investigation we felt this would be a good time to talk to the grandchild affected about self protection and how too keep the spirits at bay. At such a young and impressionable age we felt it important to understand potential dangers in dealing with the paranormal. We taught the child and family about establishing a ‘protective bubble’ and for the child to audibly tell the spirits that their home is the woods and never to invite them in.  


The client was experiencing paranormal activity in their home




-lighting anomaly within the woods. 

(One night the client said it was lit up with white lights. Too many to count, not fireflies.)

-spirits interacting with the grandchild 


The investigated location was a single family, multi-level home. The land was in an area where native Americans such as the Potatwami and Miamis, once dwelled. The area is predominately rural with nearby natural features. 


DRCP arrived around 5:00 pm with intentions in the order of removing any spirits from the land and within the location, which included sealing the property and land, establishing boundaries for spirits to dwell and coaching the child on self-protection from spiritual encounters. We spoke with the client regarding the above activity they had witnessed. And proceeded with a quick walk through to get familiar with the layout. 


We started with a serious conversation with the owner of the property and explained the importance of the child not communicating with anything that may be on the land. We proceeded with a lesson for the child on self protection and establishing a visual line the spirits may not cross. In this case it is the tree lines. We told the child, "If spirits, summon to them from the tree line they are to reply with an incantation, expressing to the spirits  personal boundaries." We suggested the following incantation:


  “Stop. “You cannot come to me.”  “This is my space, not yours!” “The trees are your home". “You are not welcome near me!” 


We also went over that his gift made him special but that he would require years of honing his gift and mature in age before they could safely interact with spirits. 


Once we felt the child understood the importance of ‘the gift’ and how to repel spirits we decided to allow them to sit in on the investigation. We felt the visual of the investigation performed and their being involved in the removal process of any unwanted spirits from the home as beneficial. 


We set up our equipment in the most active area of the home. The finished basement was relatively quiet for the first part of the investigation. Kellie D. had a strong feeling something was hiding from us. For all the activity experienced in this home and on the land our equipment was quiet.  Kellie, began to speak more firm and assertively toward spirits there and insisted they needed to go. As soon as she started another investigator (Ace, a sensitive) felt something hiding in the room to his right. He called for it to listen to us and move out. He felt it rush past him, stop at Kellie and move up the stairs.  At that moment all of our equipment started up. Flashlights came on, K2s were spiking and the paranormal music box activated. We followed up the stairs by cleansing the home by smudging with a protective mixture and worked through out the entire home in a clockwise fashion moving anything there toward the open front entrance and deep down the driveway.  We then proceeded to seal the property with iron and incantations involving the family. The child  left offerings at the tree line  for the spirits and we all spoke with spirit(s) about their new boundaries. 


In Conclusion…

We strongly feel with the clients grandchild being very open to energy and spirit that they may continue to encounter the paranormal. With proper care and self maintenance the client and his family can use their energy to prevent these occurrences and learn how to deflect any negativity. We also feel the property and grandchild are catalysts for spiritual activity and may continue to pose future encounters.  


We’d like to thank the client for allowing us to visit their home.  We enjoyed our time there. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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