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The Orson Starr House, Royal Oak, Mi




FINAL CASE REPORT    #191019Starr


Client Contact:        Brian Danhausen



Team 1:  Mike, Cheryl, Kellie D., Kim 

Team 2: Judy, Kelly H., Kristie, Jeff


Times:      7:30pm-12:00am    

Weather:  63 degrees 


Equipment used:    KII, Spirit Boxes, SLS Camera, Portal App, flashlights, Dowsing Rods, Ovilus app, digital & video recorders



The Orson Starr House is a historic site located on Main St. in Royal Oak, MI. It is the oldest wood-framed home in the city. In 1831, Mr. Orson Starr (1803-1873), his wife Rhoda Gibbs Starr (1806-1853) and a son, made the trip by boat from New York. The family purchased 80-acres of land in what is now Royal Oak. Mr. Starr built a 2-room log cabin and began farming the land. They had another 9 children over the years and they lost 3 children, all within 1 week from the flu epidemic. 


In 1835, the Starr family began a business making bricks and 8 different sized cowbells. It turned out to be very profitable for them and they continued it for 40 years. Theirs was the first well-known manufacturing business in Royal Oak, employing locals and freed slaves. 


In 1845, Mr. Starr built a larger wood framed home on the property. In 1915 the home was added on to. At that time, the outside kitchen was brought inside. Starr family descendants lived in the home until 1964. In 1976 the city of Royal Oak purchased the home, did some very overdue repairs, restored it to replicate its original mid 1800’s décor and furnishings. Once complete, they opened it as a museum. 


D.R.C.P. arrived at The Orson Starr House and were greeted by Brian and Darlene from Into the Afterlife Paranormal. Our hosts gave us a tour of the home and shared some of the history of the house and family with us. We split up into 2 groups and went into 2 different rooms.  


Children’s Bedroom, Upstairs

The Children’s Bedroom was the most active area for both groups. 


Group 1…  Since we were told that the spirits upstairs didn’t like men, Mike remained in the hall area upstairs. He faced the SLS camera into the children’s room. We began asking questions and we had a lot of KII activity right away. It was lighting up in response to questions. For some reason, the activity seemed to really pick up when questions were asked by Kim. By the activity on the KII we were able to put together that there were 2 spirits (at least 1 boy, the eldest, older than 5) in the room with us. They did not like men. They played tag, hide & seek & threw balls outside. While the KII was inside the stroller, we asked spirit to push it. It didn’t push the stroller but the KII inside it lit all the way up. At this time, we had a figure show up on the SLS camera in that room by the stroller for 5 minutes while we were also getting a lot of KII & flashlight activity.


We asked if there was a lady with us and the KII lit up, we determined that her name was Katherine. When we asked if they liked the changes that had been made to the house, we received a reply of “1”. Kellie actually heard it and asked if we said anything. When we said no, she reviewed her digital recorder and she heard the evp whispering “1”. 

Group 2… Had a lot of flashlight and dowsing rod activity in direct response to questions. 


Guest Bedroom

Group 1… Did not experience any equipment activity in this room.

Group 2… Had some activity on the ovilus type phone app. Words received were in answer to the questions asked. 



Group 1 and a few people with ITAP… There was direct flashlight and KII activity in response to questions asked and the activity was usually on several pieces of equipment at the same time. We had a (battery operated) laser grid set up in a small area. It turned itself off for about a ½ hour. It suddenly turned itself back on and at the same time all of the KII’s and flashlights also reacted. 

We were asking questions to see if we could contact the “old man in the basement”, we did not receive any responses. Apparently, he only likes Brian because when Brian asked if Mr. Langley was with us, he responded by turning the flashlight on. Brian asked Mr. Langley a few more questions and received flashlight & KII activity. We asked more questions and received flashlight & KII responses that there was more than 1 spirit with us and there were also children with us.

Using the SB11 we heard “here it is”, “hurry”, “stop it”, “find you”, “come on Harold”, we asked if Harold was a dog & flashlight went on. 

Group 2… Did not experience much activity in this room.


The team’s collective opinion, based on the activity we experienced, is that this house definitely does have intelligent spirits based on the responses received on our equipment. We did not experience anything negative or malevolent.

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