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Investigators: Kelly H., Kim, Kellie D, Mike, Judy


Date/Times: 5/28/22 7pm    Weather: in the 70s and sunny





The client’s family has owned the property since 1954.  The client lived on the property when she was younger for a few years, but the house was different.  Since then, her father and uncles built a new, larger house in 2001.  The grandmother passed away in the home shortly after it was built, and the Uncle passed away in the home last December.   The client’s father and uncle were living in the home until that time.  The father still resides there on a part time basis.  After the uncle passed the home was given to the client.  The client recently started working on the house to clean it and update it to make it ready to move her family in.  We were not able to find any geological or plot maps for this location beyond 1954.  The home is on a lake.



The client contacted us regarding activity that she and others have experienced recently that seemed concerning.  The activity has seemed to pick up since she has been there on the weekends and cleaning and removing things from the home.   Client reported that she feels like she is being watched, and has the feeling that someone is always right behind her.  She has had friends helping who are experiencing things as well.  She also had a painter who worked for one day and then refused to return to finish the job.  Claims of activity include the following:

  • Hearing footsteps on the stairs or upstairs

  • Feelings of being watched

  • Seeing the spirit of her Uncle in the upstairs hallway

  • Feeling “chased” out of the home when leaving–running to the car

  • Her dog will not willing go into the home

  • She feels her father acts differently when in the home for extended periods

  • Arriving to find all the lights in the home turned on

  • Finding pennies everywhere after cleaning

  • Smells–sometimes something rotten, sometimes her uncle’s cologne

  • Things moving on their own–keys left on the kitchen counter, then found upstairs on the uncle’s desk

  • She feels negativity, especially at night

  • She feels her uncle is still there, also believes her grandmother is still there at times



Equipment used and description:

  • K2 - indicates changes in EMF (electromagnetic field), a spirit may be near if the colored lights go beyond the green lights to yellow, orange, or red

  • Flashlights - can be set up and used as “yes/no” answers from spirits.  Spirits can use their energy to turn the lights on and off to communicate

  • Recorder - voice recorders are used to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from spirits

  • Spirit Box - there are many types, we used SB7 or SB11, or the Necrophonix application with a speaker.  These devices scan through radio waves at a high rate of speed, so that it sounds like white noise.  It is believed that spirits can manipulate the radio waves to communicate.

  • Divining Rods--copper rods used to look for energy or communicate with spirit

  • Rempod - emits a low EM field and alerts with light and sound if any spirit gets near.

  • Motion detectors - small plastic balls that light up when manipulated

  • Ovilus - device which spirits can manipulate to speak the words they want from an extensive dictionary/database


Locations and Details

We met the client at the home, her mother and father were also there.   We were talking in the driveway before entering the home.  Kellie D said she had a strange feeling when she looked at the second story window.  Kelly H thought she saw someone walk past the window from the right to left.  The client and her mother were outside with us, and her father was in the basement.  The client gave us a tour and showed us where she felt the most activity, which was on the second floor.  This is where the uncle spent most of his time during the last years of his life.  After the tour, we set up the equipment in the Uncle’s old bedroom.  We had flashlight activity pretty much immediately when we asked if someone was there.  After a bit, we turned on the spirit box to ask some questions, when we asked what the spirit’s name was, it immediately responded, “Jeff”.  When we asked again, we got the same response.  Most of the team did not know that this was the Uncle's name.  At one point we did have a woman’s voice come through.  When we asked why she was there, she said, “home”, we believe it may have been the grandmother.


Next we went to the room that had been the office and was the location of the uncle’s passing.  Again we had flashlight responses to questions we asked.  Questions were to confirm it was indeed the Uncle.  We then went down to the living room area.   There were a lot of items in boxes and artifacts from the family's past.  The client was in the process of organizing and cleaning out.  We set up our K2s and some flashlights to see if we could get anything in this area of the home.   We had a K2 and flashlight standing next to some wooden dolphins on a dresser and the same devices on a shelf next to a picture of the client when she was a child.  The K2 next to the dolphins was going all the way to the red light and was reacting steadily.   The K2 next to the picture was going off as well, just not as often.  We checked to make sure there wasn’t anything electronic near either of the items causing the K2 to go off.  There wasn’t, we moved them elsewhere and then back again.  The K2 was reacting specifically to the wooden dolphins.  We asked the client, she said they were her dad’s, but had once belonged to her grandfather and he had gotten them from a garage sale. 


We next went to the basement.  The family had been doing some demolition in the basement and removed a wall that the uncle had constructed.  We did get responses, we believe from the uncle.  He seemed to have some feelings about the wall coming down, but we explained it was in preparation for the client and her family to move in and then he seemed ok with it.  We invited him to return to his office with us to see if anything had changed since it was now full darkness and the client indicated things seemed to pick up once the sun set.  


Back on the second floor and in the office space, we had our flashlights go off when we asked if Jeff was with us.  We asked if he was ready to move on.  We explained that his niece (client) wanted him to be at peace.  We explained that we knew the past few years of his life had been hard and that some of the choices he made caused his life to be difficult, but that he didn’t need to worry or take that with him as he passed on.  The flashlights lit up immediately when we told him we could help him if he was ready.  We invited any other spirits that wanted to to move on and be at peace as well.  We helped Jeff move on and immediately all activity on our equipment stopped.    


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