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A personal and in-depth interview with Archbishop Plato Angelakis.

Stories of the demonic are woven into the fabric of the paranormal field. Possessions, elementals, and attachments are discussed frequently in our studies of all things paranormal and it's never unusual for investigators to encounter an occasional spirit at haunted locales. However, many of us harbor a fear of running into something, or someone being controlled by the underworld. What are the chances of running into a demonic entity during an investigation? The question looms - "Are we prepared?" Below is my interview with Archbishop Plato Angelakis. He spoke with me exclusively and candidly on his life, and his calling into the priesthood. ArchBishop Angelakis and his talented assistant Keeyah Lynn have helped the tortured souls of people by casting out demons and ridding others of attachments and/or dark entities. He shares with us true stories, deep insight, and advises us on what to look for and who to call in the rare instance you've come up against something that's nothing less than pure evil.

1 Peter 5:8 "Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."

NOTE: Full commentary has been edited for time.

KELLIE: How old were you when you decided to join the priesthood? Why did you feel it was your calling?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: I grew up in the Orthodox religion and was 25 or 26 when I first had feelings of becoming an Orthodox priest. It ended up that my Greek language wasn't as good as the church wanted it to be. I never stopped feeling as if I belonged in the church even as I moved in a different direction. I found myself in college and then getting married and doing the family thing. Then it was like a door opened one day. After I was married awhile, I ran into a bishop in Wisconsin who I chatted with for some time and he took me under his wing and trained me in the priesthood. He eventually ordained me as an Independent. In my mid-forties the Mexican National church in Texas invited me down to be trained and ordained me to be a representative of Canada. Ever since then I've been an archbishop.

KELLIE: Was there a profound or pinnacle moment for you that confirmed priesthood was the right calling for you?

BISHOP ANGELAKIS: I was always to drawn to the church. Always, as far back as I can remember. I used to drive my grandmother to church when I was younger, and I could just feel myself being called to the church. It's a relationship between you and God. It's like in scripture when God says, "It is I who chose you." Jesus basically chose me by name and opened all the doors for me to make sure the calling was mine. Wherever, I turned was an opportunity. Jesus says, "You'll know me by my fruit." He is a bearer of good fruit, right? So, when I became successful at blessings and exorcisms over and over it just came naturally to me and I saw that as Jesus saying to me that these were my "good fruits. I was always reminded by Jesus that I was successful at what I was doing. It was my confirmation. I exorcised a woman who was taken to her priest after I helped her and he said, "Whoever absolved her did a wonderful job." He had been working with her awhile to no avail before I met her. I could go in and just heal these people, where other people had failed. It was natural to me.

KELLIE: What made you decide to become an exorcist?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: I don't have the formal training which is only offered in Rome. In May of 2020 the Vatican offers a 1-week program only available to a limited number of priests. I am enrolled to attend and then I'll have a certification from The Vatican. However, when you go through the priesthood and work your way up through the accolades and by the sole virtue of being ordained as a priest, we all (priests) can perform the rite of exorcism. For example, if someone is baptized by a priest, they are cleansed right? It's a similar rite as in exorcism. Some of us are called to be preachers, lecturers, counselors, healers, or sacramental like performing mass and some of us are called to be like me, an exorcist. I was called by a paranormal team in Ottawa OPRI (Ottawa Paranormal & Research Investigations). They asked if I'd be interested in assisting on a case a few years ago where they felt they were over their heads on and needed an exorcist. They had a female client with a demonic presence. The team already confided in a local priest who refused to help and so they reached out to me. I was interested and I went with them. It turned out I was successful at helping the client. Before I knew it exorcisms was all that I was doing. Exorcisms and an occasional wedding, but mostly exorcisms.

KELLIE: Were you scared going into your first exorcism case?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: I'd say mainly cautious and very concerned. She came at me with her eyes rolled back, extreme strength, she was posturing on me. My first doubt came, "Was I in over my head? How was I going to do this?" "But those thoughts were quickly absolved, and I just went after it. I did it and it happened. After that, there was no more doubt or fear. That hasn't been an issue anymore.

KELLIE: Tell me about an unusual case? ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: I had recently joined the New England's society for Psychic Researchers as the resident priest. The team was founded by Ed and Lorraine Warren. I had headed down with my assistant Keeyah Lynn to see Anabelle and listen to the lecture. I was very interested in the doll and the stories attached to her. While down there I also had an appointment and spoke with the director of the film "Hostage to the Devil." He was talking about having me in a sequel where he was going to bring back the woman from Germany who was in the original film. She had been afflicted with 4 demons as a child and still has problems. I was going to perform a live exorcism. That's still in the process. While there I was invited to the house of the occult and blessed the museum. Then I did a blessing and binding of Annabelle and helped move her to the event. During and after the event people were terrified. Especially after hearing the stories attached to the doll. There were conjuring mirrors and other possessed or occult items. So I offered to do blessings while there for those in fear. It's funny, I kind of stole Annabelle’s thunder. My line up for the blessings was longer than her line. I had heard the stories of occurrences after other Anabelle viewing events. Cars crashing, people that had been there were dying in accidents and having really bad luck. People were coming home to their houses unlocked. A lot of strange stuff. She was bound by me before this event and my prayers and salts. I even put bones of Saints on her, but she calls other things, evil things, to do her bad work. For a short while after the event I was plagued with some personal suffering, financial things, and things at my work were happening. I believe people feed her and keep her active by taking pictures and going to see her. I had everyone I blessed at that event text (about 50-100 people) me to tell me they all got home. "All were safe.

KELLIE: What's Anabelle’s story?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: There was a little girl who stayed at an orphanage in Connecticut that wanted a doll. Two nurses who worked together and went to school together brought her a doll that one of their mothers made. Well one day the nurse saw the doll move and it happened more than once. Eventually they brought a psychic in that said there was a spirit of a male child there. One of the nurses invited the child to stay there with them. Unbeknownst to anyone the spirit was a demon disguised as a child. But the entity had already been given consent to inhabit the doll. The doll started to attack by causing accidents, and scratches to those within her presence. Eventually, the famous psychic Lorraine Warren was contacted and she and Ed, her husband, brought the doll home. The doll was placed in the back seat of their car. Their cars brakes were failing, and the engine was dying as Ed and Lorraine Warren headed home. After that there have been so many claims of people dying or suffering injuries as a result of viewing that doll.

KELLIE: How old were you when you decided to join the priesthood? Why did you feel it was your calling?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: The outcome of an exorcism is always the best thing. You know, when you're a kid in high school you don't just go up to your guidance counselor and tell them you want to be an exorcist right? It's a dirty job. You get thrown, yelled at, kicked, spat at and things thrown at you. I pretty much go in and get back these peoples free will that they gave away. People allow these "things" to take away their free will. They gave it away or did something to allow this thing to take their free will and now its affecting them. I get it back for them and counsel them on how to keep their free will. "I say, here ya go, you lost it, I found it. Now take it back and take care of it and don’t ever give it back." But yes, the outcome is the best part of my job.

KELLIE: Do you think certain people are more susceptible to possession

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: Absolutely. There are people that are seen as weaker. Children, those suffering from trauma or the elderly. There are people whose faith isn't that strong. Doubt, fear, depression is in control of their lives and makes you susceptible. But you still have to give your free will away. It's not only the weak though. You don't realize how many people you come across in the paranormal field that are loose with their words. You've got to be careful with your words and actions so that you don't accidentally give your will away. I've got to stop them and say, "Hey look be careful with your words." Watch what you say and do you. You could be in the wrong place at the right time for something bad to happen." Women tend to be more susceptible to possession too. Believe it or not they are more sensitive and are more prone to be interested in psychics, witchcraft, tarot cards, Ouija boards and stuff like that. Usually when I go into a house it's the women that say they see and hear stuff whereas the husband is more likely to say very little about it or slough off and say things like, "it's all in their wifes head “or "whatever". "Its later on though when the men start to realize what their wives are experiencing and know it's true. Women are much more sensitive and that's why I have my female counterpart Keeyah Lynn with me on cases. She's gifted; an empath and a Reiki healer. She hears and sees what I cannot. Women are usually the ones more apt to be spiritual healers and psychics because it's in their nature. Kids are also very sensitive, and inquisitive by nature which makes them susceptible. Playing games in the mirror or with a Ouija board opens them up to very old entities and fallen angels. If you don't have the power of discernment you can lose your free will. They can appear to you as light as an angel, a child, as anything. If it's a spirit that produces fruit, it's good (has good effects) if it doesn’t produce fruit it's bad and not of God. That's called discernment.

KELLIE: How can you tell the difference between a possession and an attachment? ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: An attachment is the start of a possession and causes depression, bad dreams, fear and anxiety. A lot of people suffering with depression may just have an attachment. An attachment can usually be cleared with prayer and reconciliation healing, a salt bath, Reiki healing. Sometimes the person may just need to be absolved of their sins and an anointing. These healing actions are all a form of exorcism.

KELLIE: What was your most terrifying exorcism?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: Back to the first exorcism I ever did on a lady. That was the most frightening for me. Her parents were Satanists and had her involved as a very young girl. They'd perform rituals around her and take her to ceremonies out in the woods. They wore the robes and the whole bit. So, she grew up with that. Now as a grown woman it was her daughter that actually recognized that she needed us. The mother couldn't call us she was so far gone. It was my first time, I had doubt and it was by far the most trying exorcism. She pulled a knife on me; her eyes were rolling back, and the demon was hiding and very deceptive. It was jumping in and out of her body. Her language and words were demonic, and her strength was unbelievable. The police were called, and she even broke her own arm. The police and everybody were holding her down, tying her up and throughout this she was throwing people. Eventually I was successful and now I go in more confident but now I look into things further do more investigative work. There's a plan Ed and Lorraine Warren's society put in place that we all follow. So now we have the case more planned out before we just go. I was really frightened on this case.

KELLIE: How does your family feel about what you do?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: The wife knows and understands what has to get done. My parents are okay with it. My four children are grown, and they don’t mind what I do. My one daughter is a university grad with a degree in psychology. I took her to an exorcism and told her you'll never learn this from a book. My kids all believe evil exists. They don't get bothered by what I do. They all follow me on Facebook and all that. My sons asked me about it a couple times. Even if they didn't approve, I'd still do what I do. I protect myself like you all take care of yourselves. I use precautions. I light candles, take salt baths and my case partner does Reiki Healing on me all the time.

KELLIE: Have you ever seen demons with your own eyes?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: I've seen entities on the SLS camera and thermal cameras. I've seen how they react to my commands. I'll bind one to a corner and a stick figure will appear. I have said, "I bind your arms and feet", and have seen them lose control of their limbs and see the string attaching their limbs together. When I've told spirits it's time to move on. I've seen them disappear from the SLS camera on my command.

KELLIE: Have you experienced atmospheric changes or odd smells during an exorcism? ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: Oh Yes. Cold spots, doors opening and closing hot spots, windows opening and closing, things moving. Definitely. I smelled sulfur once and it's Satan’s way of insulting God. God is purity & sweetness and sulfur odor is the exact opposite. Satan shows opposites of Gods creations to insult God and the trinity. A lot of times evil activity happens at three a.m. because that's the opposite hour of when Christ died on the cross, which was at three p.m. Upside down crucifixes, foul smells, convulsions and body twisting are all insults to Gods creation.

KELLIE: How do you feel about other non-ordained people or teams attempting exorcisms?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: No. I don’t! I don't suggest it. I chose to become a priest and during that process I physically felt different. I can feel I've moved over to a different veil from where I cannot return. With that comes more power, more authority, more responsibility and unfortunately more attacks. It's my choice to do it but it's not for everybody. God has given everyone free will and with this free will you should protect your homes, yourself and your space. God gives priests similar gifts as Jesus had by the way of "laying of hands." We are like angel's with souls and more valuable to God than the angel's in a sense. I'm now ordained and attached to the apostles through James. Jesus said, "As the Father sent me, I send you and you shall do greater things than I." Priests can consecrate the Eucharist because it's an authority given to us through Christ. Whatever God gave Jesus, he gave us through ordination. God gives one hundred percent of himself all of the time. So, when I go into an exorcism, I am able to give one hundred percent back. I prepare months for my cases. As for demonologists they are just that. Experts on the "study" of demonology. They are not exorcists. I am also a registered nurse and can check vitals while performing exorcisms. I really would like to see a physician at every exorcism. Actually yes, there should be. Teams are advised not to even try it. Teams are only as strong as their weakest link. The demons will bring you down if you go in unprepared and people can get hurt. Demons know your sins and will attack your team by going after the weakest link. I took two people into a case that wanted to experience a real exorcism. The possessed person was tied to a chair looked at the first person I brought and asked her, "Does your boss know you're stealing from him?" "Then it looked at my other acquaintance and asked, "Does your wife know you're cheating on her?" Those two people got up and left immediately. They were scared to death and got out of there so fast it was unbelievable. If you haven't had the calling and been through the priesthood you shouldn't attempt an exorcism. Inexperienced people attempting this Rite can kill people. You are liable! It's a huge responsibility and a liability. There are too many people that think they know what they're doing but don't. Demons are deceptive and can trick you very easily. There's so much liability involved and so much follow up required with doctors and psychologists. Don't forget though, you do have your free will to protect yourself. You can protect your home with a crucifix and prayers and such, but exorcisms should be left to us. I'm sick of cleaning up other people’s messes.

KELLIE: In the future can you see women in the Catholic priesthood or in a role to perform exorcisms?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: No. There are a lot of politics involved in that right now. I don't feel like women are discriminated against in the church I just think they serve different roles in the church. "There are many women ordained in other churches just not the Catholic church. In the ancient church women were ordained deacons because there were so few men. They started ordaining women as deacons. These women could do blessings, baptize, preach and perform marriages but "the heavy lifting" was left for the males. Nuns are very involved in the Catholic religion. The Jewish women are the ones in their religion who do the blessings of the food and bread. Women are mothers and mothers are important. I feel when women were full time, like in the fifties. Caregivers were at home to care for their children, we had fewer problems. I need and rely on my female counterpart in what I do as a priest. Keeyah Lynn is my right hand. I couldn't do what I do without her. She tells me where the spirits are and what they're saying. As of now though I don't see a future for women in the Catholic priesthood.

KELLIE: What's your opinion on the paranormal TV shows touting demons & possessions?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: Well I'm not going to judge but I've heard a lot of people have left certain shows due to faking things. Personally, I don’t think it's possible to find demons and possessions in the large frequencies as we are seeing on TV these days. Real demonic cases are few and far between. They are extremely rare. It's just Hollywood entertainment and three's so much of it. That's it. They may come across the occasional ghost or spirit and that's expected, that's fine. But not all these possessions and demons they're showing. These shows have got people calling me thinking their possessed because of what they've seen on TV. I just try and feel them out over the phone. If they can tell me they want to be cleansed or can pray the "The Lords Prayer" then they're not possessed. I think eventually we will see and hear of more of the real stuff as I do believe the end times are coming.

KELLIE: When you go to the home of a possessed person are they aware of why you’re there?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: Yes. I have to have their consent. If we go in and if they say they do not want to be exorcised, then I don't. We go in with our preliminary information compiled of interviews, pictures and audio or video that is sent to us and we investigate, and interview again once were there. A client can give consent while they aren't being controlled by a demon. Often times the demon comes and goes like a partial possession. Sometimes they simply call out, "help me". To me that's consent.

KELLIE: How do you know when it's the real person and not the demon talking to you? ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: "You can tell when the demon is coming and going from the person that is being possessed. It's in their voice, the growling and changes in how they talk and text. They may talk provocatively or foul and then switch to being normal. It's like a split personality.

KELLIE: Have you ever failed at an exorcism? ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: Never. Never. Every case has been resolved. I've never had to go out twice to the same client. Because God is absolute, one hundred percent. So, you have to lead with the mentality saying, " You demons are gone! I am here, pack your bags and get out!" There is no debate. Remember, God is not ninety-nine percent and if I start thinking that way I will fail. I may need a little longer with some than others and that's ok. When God commands you, everyone must kneel, including Satan and all his demons. They must yield to my commands through God. If I get a stubborn one, I pull out the Eucharist and command, "EVERY KNEE MUST BEND IN THE PRESENCE OF CHRIST" and then they're gone.

KELLIE: How far do you travel, and do you charge for your services?

ARCHBISHOP ANGELAKIS: Yes, I'll travel as far as I can go when needed. I mainly stay about the upper east coast of the United States but have gone as far as down to Florida. I never charge for my services. It's what I do, its God gift and no one should charge for services in the paranormal. I'm blessed with a good job as a nurse and am blessed to be able to help those who need my services.

Bishop Angelakis humbly asked to give a very special mention to his assistant Keeyah Lynn. She has been with him on many difficult cases and possesses abilities which help ArchBishop Angelakis perform his duties. Keeyah is a seasoned Reiki Master, Clairvoyant, and Empath. She uses her skills to help assist Angelakis and case families suffering from oppression. She truly has been a blessing according to Angelakis.

Angelakis and I ended our conversation by rehashing our discussion on the detriment of attempting an exorcism and all the liabilities involved without an ordained priest and the proper consent forms. Archbishop Angelakis is a wealth of knowledge on possessions, attachments, religion and the paranormal. I hold him in high regard and would recommend him and his assistant Keeyah Lynn to anyone in need of assistance.

Archbishop Plato Angelakis' accolades:

Archbishop Plato Angelakis became an ordained Orthodox Catholic priest with the Oblates of St. Therese in Wisconsin in 1999, and an independent priest in the Old Roman Catholic Rite. He was instituted as a cannon with the Anglican Missionary Society of the Americas in 2005. Bishop has also been an active member of the American Association of Exorcists since 2013 and holds a certificate as Registered Exorcist- Deliverance Minister- Advance Practice Registered Demonologist. He holds teaching credentials as instructor at Agape Christian University at Choctaw and he was consecrated a Bishop with the Mexican National Catholic Church. He is also a public speaker at PARACON events and a full-time registered nurse. Bishop Angelakis currently acts as Team Priest and Exorcist for the following Paranormal Teams: GLAS, Great Lakes Apparition Seekers, OPRI, Ottawa Paranormal Research Investigators and NESPR- New England’s Society for Paranormal Investigators

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