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What makes a psychic, psychic? There are many people in the paranormal field who say they were born with their gifts. But is that the only way to become psychic? Can one just become a psychic, empath or clairavoyant? There are many unanswered questions about these otherworldly gifts. I've always been interested in the topic for my own personal reasons. I delved into a few books, videos and websites starting around 5 years ago and I came across a plethora of information that really awakened my awareness to why I may be so in tune with others feelings. I've freakishly been able to predict things on certain occasions, and have dreams that come true which is why I decided to take a look at all the different mediumships and why some people have a gift while others do not. What I found out was very enlightening. I've shared below a few of the most popular explanations for being a psychic.

PTSD and it's role in Psychic abilities.

In some instances it has been reported that people become more spiritually aware or obtain psychic abilities after a sudden, very unexpected trauma. But why? Studies by IANDS ( International Assoc. For Near Death Studies) have shown that up to 80 percent of individuals that have come back from a near death experience have brought along with them some new abilities and changes. Those experiencing near death traumas have reported a new zest for life and a new appreciation for humankind. Also, there is evidence of psychological as well as physiological changes regardless of their age. Although scientists have been limited in research funding they've studied enough individuals to note these changes which included:

Losing their fear of dying, ability to think abstractly, expansive concept of love and a acceptance, depression, child-like sense of wonder, more empathetic, more objective, posess ability to predict future events, overall increase in psychic and intuitiveness amongst other changes.

The physiological changes included:

Lower blood pressure, sensitive to light, more sexual, accelerated metabolic rates, more creative, increase in sensitivities including allergies amongst other changes including some reports of appearing more youthful.

Why these changes occurred is still uknown. From what I've studied I would relate the psychological changes to the life changing event that caused their minds to become more open and able to pick up on the sensories of others. The physiological part leaves the scientific community stumped.

Can abuse be a catalyst in developing abilities?

It's been found that many psychics, empaths and clairvoyants have reported abuse, chaos, inconsistency or violence in their homes growing up. The belief is that from a very young age, children in these situations need to develop heightened sensories to be able to predict or foresee their circumstances. These children tend to learn to read energies of the people around them as a type of self preservation behavior. As they grow they carry and develop these abilities into their adulthood. These children can become psychics or empaths and are emotionally sensitive people who experience the world through emotions. They can feel what others are feeling.

Being an empath does not mean you must first endure trauma, however if a person is subjected to ongoing trauma at an early age they can develop psychic survival skills to predict their abusers upcoming or current moods and they may then gain a telepathic awareness to avoid conflict. They may even gain sensitivity to the electromagnetic energies felt from their abuser and become clairvoyant as a result.

The Indigo Child. Myth?

In the 1970's Nancy Tappe a psychic, Lee Caroll and Jan Tober who were also both psychics developed a belief system that certain children were chosen to possess special, unusual or otherworldly gifts here on earth. This idea was created by Nancy using a set of concepts that she created. Lee being a writer started writing books about this theory. Soon their books movies and seminars ensued, and spread like wildfire especially since the 1970s was a popular New Age Era. The basic belief was that these children were at a higher stage of evolution than the average human. There has never been any scientific evidence to back these ideas and it remains a controversial topic in the psychic community.

How one's heritage can play a role in boosting abilities.

It's been long believed that psychic abilities are in a person's heritage. There are many nationalities that have a long standing tradition of holistic and spiritual beliefs in their lineage. It's not uncommon to find gifted psychics with indeginous beginnings. There are thousands of hatian people who still practice white and black magic today. The Egyptians and Indians believed in channeling spirits. It's not uncommon for children raised in these backgrounds to be born with inherent abilities built into their DNA from years of their ancestors having posessed gifts.

Tools to help develop your abilities.

In today's society you can find holistic and spiritual stores popping up on every corner. You can easily tune into your inner self by studying the many mind and body activities that claim to help you attune your spirtual side. Reiki, meditation, yoga, crystal healing, sound therapy and energy healing are all classes you can take or activities you can learn to do in your home to help you gain clarity. There's also an abundance of stones, sages and herbs galore to help you align your chakras and heighten your spiritual awareness. Will participating in these activities make you a psychic. I don't think they can. What I can attest to, is that if you have empathic or psychic tendencies or while going through your self discovery of your personal gifts you may find that they can be great ways to help sharpen your skills.

What are some things that you do to hone your psychic skills? As always we'd love to hear from you and please feel free to share and comment.

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