• DRC Paranormal (KELLIE)

Coming out of the Paranormal Closet

Congratulations! You're a paranormal enthusiast, investigator, empath, sensitive or psychic. You do what I do! Welcome to my world. Only my world is or should I say "was" in the closet. If you know me you can appreciate my normalcy, my only problem is wondering if anyone besides my team mates and best friend will love my weirdness too. You'd think by age 47 I would've already learned to love me for me and forget the rest. The truth is it's hard for many to talk about your paranormal hobby. Especially if you are the slightest bit apprehensive or fearful of judgment. It's not the typical hobby to say the least and that in itself can make for strange discussion at the family cookout. Imagine your sister-in-law Suzy is all excited about her pottery class and your cousin Melanie just improved her handicap on the golf course. What do have you say? "Well, last night I communicated with a dead lady in the basement of an asylum?

There are others that are sure, confident and wear their paranormal heart on their sleeve. They live it out loud and their openness and boldness about their craft inspires me. Hopefully soon this is where I'll be. Right now I'm in the process of sharing more on facebook about what I do. Unfortunately there are people that have friends, or family that just don't get it. I also noticed I'm self conscious of what others think which increases my anxiety about discussing the paranormal with family and friends.

It's been roughly six years now that I've been interested in the investigative side of the paranormal world. I've always had a love of all things scary including books, movies, mysteries, NDE (near death experience) haunted homes and historic places. I'm finding this is a commonality amongst people in the paranormal field. It's impressive that such a massive of people can be so similar yet from totally different areas of the world and from all walks of life. Regardless, I've found my tribe.