• DRC Paranormal (KELLIE)


Little did anyone know that a beautiful but crazed serial killer would be born in the French Quarters of New Orleans on March 19, 1787. Her parents, Louis and Marie McCarty were very affluent immigrants. Louis from France and Marie hailed from Ireland. They easily fit in and rubbed elbows amongst the finest elites and socialites of New Orleans. They were from a long lineage of inherited wealth and quickly became a well known name within the elite social circles of Louisiana's Euro-Creole community. The McCarty’s had five children, one of which was named Delphine and her looks were unparalleled. As early as age 13 Delphine had suitors looking to claim the hand of the dark-haired beauty.


Delphine wed a suitor named Don Ramon de Lopez y Angulo in 1800, a highly ranked officer in the Spanish army. He and Delphine, being well off we able to travel all over Spain and it’s territories. Sadly, Don Ramon became deathly ill and passed away in Havana only a short four years after marriage and left his sweet Delphine with child. Delphine being a young, beautiful socialite had no problems finding a new beau named Jean Blanque, a statesman and slave trader with secret associations linked to piracy and smuggling. Madam Delphine and Jean wed and later she bore 4 children. Jean succumbed to illness and died a pauper in 1815. Delphine was tenacious and battled the banks and settled her husbands estates. During this time she inherited her parent’s slaves and land and turned it into a lucrative farming venture. Not long after this she met her 3rd husband, Dr. Louis Lalaurie who was 15 years younger than Delphine. They had a son out of wedlock and conceded to becoming married in 1828. Delphine and Louis were very indifferent to one another and fought often. They separated but never divorced. It was during these years that Delphine and her husband were apart that something changed deep within Delphine. She was acting aggressive towards friends and family and hardened her heart toward anyone that tried to get close.