• DRC Paranormal (KELLIE)

What traits make for a good paranormal investigator?

How do I become a paranormal investigator? Where do I look to join? Do I have what it takes? These might be questions you're asking yourself. After all you love the paranormal and have a healthy curiosity about the afterlife. Watching ghost hunting programs is quickly becoming a favorite evening or Sunday afternoon past-time. It's definitely a fun and adventurous activity. However, as with any new venture there are a few things to consider before you immerse yourself into the shadows and become a creature of the night.

For starters don't be fooled by the ever-so popular shows that feature intense investigators using flashy equipment with pretty lights and sounds. They suck us in like a moth to a flame. They take us on a dark, twisting-turning 30 minute adventure (18 minutes after commercials) that keeps us glued to the screen and hanging on every mysterious EVP. Well folks, in reality what you see is NOT what you get. Sure, these ghost shows roll out an audience approved fast paced, action packed, evidence filled bag of wonder right? Who wouldn't want to roll with these cool people solving mysteries and chasing apparitions all day?

What you don't think about is that the fans only see what magically occurs after days of filming, editing, traveling, researching, sleeping and sitting in the dark (talking to yourself sometimes) for hours on end. No one would enjoy watching all that and you're not to be blamed. The networks know what we crave and they spoon feed it to us. Which leads us back to answering the question what does it take? Well, lucky for you I have many of the answers. So sit back and take a few minutes to peruse the realities of this ever so popular activity often referred to as ghost hunting.

Team work- You'll be dealing with multiple personalities. Be prepared to meet the night owls, sensitives, empaths, serious and not so serious people, old and young. You name it we've got it! Investigators come from all different backgrounds and lifestyles. Find the strength to hang onto the one common thread that ties you all together, "The paranormal" You may not find your fit on a team the first try but eventually you'll find your place. It could be the first team or the fourth team but eventually, and if you don't give up, you'll find your fit. And when you do the team will run like a well-oiled machine.

Tech Savvy- It's not mandatory but its very helpful to you and your team if you have some basic computer knowledge. More teams are moving toward technology than ever before. Using basic software, web design, and editing programs makes you valuable to the team and it helps you keep up with your case files easily. Some teams are now opting to use multi-user software like google drive so every team member can go to one place to drop evidence and case data.