• DRC Paranormal (KELLIE)


Updated: Sep 24, 2019

The Dandy house also known as the Hinsdale House is nestled in the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County New York. It's currently owned and being restored by Daniel Klaes. After exiting Interstate 86 you continue on a journey that leads to dirt roads that twist and turn their way up to Hinsdale. The area is reminiscent of my time spent in Tennessee. The green rolling hills go on forever and on a rainy day the clouds spill over the lush green hilltops making for a beautiful scene.

Once you reach the final road that dead ends you'll find yourself in the Dandy House driveway. The house itself is a simple wood frame house built in the mid 1800s probably no larger than 1100 square feet. It's stark white paint jumps out against the gray sky and the new black asphalt driveway. Once my feet hit the ground I looked around and immediately felt like there was something glaring at us from the tree lines. Maybe it was my anxiousness getting the best of me. However, my first thought was how I could feel the energy of the land more so than the house. I had no idea how beautiful the surrounding land would be. Our other car of team members arrived alongside us. We all exited our cars to walk the land and take in the surroundings before heading in.

Author, Paul Kenyon and I had corresponded before our team's visit. He's and old friend of the Dandy family and writer of "You Know They're Here" a book outlining the paranormal occurrences experienced by Paul and the Dandy family in the 1970s. I had read his book and contacted him informing him that our team would be up there to investigate on September first and that he was welcome to stop in. I was ecstatic to find out he would be stopping by. Little did we know what the evening would reveal.

It turns out September first is a special day. I hadn't realized it when booking our visit but we would be arriving on a day that in the past, the Dandy's would host their annual labor day party. Activity always seemed to spike up during these Dandy picnics held on labor day. It also happens to be the unfortunate day that Laura, a Dandy daughter, passed away.

The team all chatted with Paul and his friend Tina in the driveway for a long while. As the sun began to sink