• DRC Paranormal (KELLIE)


Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The following story is about the place where I started developing the part of my psyche that sparks with interest when I hear the word "paranormal".

I wasn't born yet. The year was 1971 and it was summertime in Detroit. My parents resided with my grandparents and my older 3 month old brother on the northeast side. It's an area dotted with small aluminum clad, bungalow style homes. This area of Detroit was considered a middle class neighborhood at that time which housed many of the city's employees. At that time you had to reside within the city to work for the city. My parent's were quite poor compared to today's standards. Their menial beginnings weren't uncommon for couples starting out back then. My dad was finishing up his short lived two year Army career and it was time for them to find a home of their own. It was in August of 1971 that they struck up a deal on a small Cracker style home approximately five miles northeast of where my grandparents lived.