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Now when it comes to hauntings I'm the first one to wrinkle my nose at the possibility of a haunted toy or doll. However, we all know that there have been dozens of reported cases involving haunted play things. One that stands out is the well known Annabelle doll which has been overtly glamorized by Hollywood and in my opinion makes a mockery of the real story. But enough about my opinion. Here's one paranormal story involving a child, his parents and his very active toys that really got my attention.

Let's move our attention to England. The year is 2005 and the town is South Shields. The family involved in this incident were terrorized in their home by doors mysteriously opening and closing of their own accord, furniture moving, and chairs stacking in precarious configurations. That was just a start. It wouldn't be long before toys were being pelted at the head of the mother Marianne. The father was present and no one else was near by. This spirit was starting to get very malevolent as time moved on and seemed to have a penchant for releasing terror on the family by using their son Robert's favorite toys.

The haunting pretty much started like your typical haunt including bumps in the night, things moving, and inexplicable sounds. The night that Marianne was hit in the head by a toy they did their best to settle in for the night but it wasn't long before they were wrestling for the blankets from an unseen rival. Marc, the husband came out of the incident wounded as red scratches emerged on his back. He described the wounds as giving off a burning sensation.

Things continued to worsen as their phones received anonymous texts and calls came threatening them with death. Another time, a bizarre sight struck both parents terrified as they opened the playroom door to find a rocking horse hanging precariously from a ceiling fan. Later, a toy bunny appeared at the top of the staircase one day with a box cutter in it's lap. Seemingly, nightmares out of a horror movie but they were living it. The messages continued to appear on young Robert's writing board. Messages like ,"DIE", " I WILL KILL YOU", and "YOU'RE DEAD". Their child was only 3 years old wasn't able to provide the parents with any insight on the horrifying events although he would often hide and his terrified parents would scramble to find him hidden away in closets and cupboards.

The family called in a paranormal team who claim the saw the spirit materialize and walk through the home in the dark and described it as a midnight-colored three dimensional evil spirit that was "radiating evil". Its not clear whether the paranormal investigators cleared the house or if the poltergeist activity ceased on it's own but suddenly things got better. The family hasn't been heard from as of recent. Some say the story was true and others say it may have been materialized from pure fantasy by the family for attention. A1

Shortly after the incident Marianne was interviewed and told reporters, ‘I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again. If I hear a noise that I cannot explain, or something goes missing, then it always makes us wonder whether it has come back again. But right now, we are just glad that it seems to have left us alone.”

If this story intrigues you to read more on the haunting, you can buy the book.

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