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What's Haunting You? 

Experiencing a haunting can be a very disturbing occurrence especially if you're no friend to the paranormal. For me, and many others in the paranormal field its a curiosity, something we seek. However, if you are currently experiencing strange anomalies you may want to know exactly what you're dealing with. In the paranormal field there are several different identifications for hauntings. The type of each haunting is determined based on evidence acquired during an investigation along with what we are being told by the client. I have listed below the most common types of hauntings and a description.

Residual- While alive, people would frequently be accustomed to daily routines in their lives especially in business. After death people can leave behind energy that's believed to repeat daily activities within a building or residence. For example if a spirit was a bartender you may hear current owners of a pub report seeing an appartition at the bar. Growing up I had an aquaintance that every so often would see a lady in black rush down the rear staircase of her home, and appeared to be opening an umbrella as she rushed out the door. It always happened the same way. It's believed that these haunts are more of an energy leftover from the deceased as opposed to an intelligent haunting. Although we may see an apparition with these types of hauntings, its believed that the spirit has moved on. These hauntings are always harder to remove as they've been playing, rewinding and repeating on this same circuit since before death and long thereafter. These energies or remnants of spirit usually do not interact directly with the home owner.

Imprintation- It's just as it sounds. I think it's best described as a scar or brand left upon a location. Again, these types of hauntings do not normally interract with the living. What these haunts represent are a profound event, a sudden death or a very traumatic experience. An occurrence causing such distress in the living that once they're physical body is gone their agony lives on. Oftentimes, these spirits may not know they are deceased and may require crossing over. Its always best to seek out a professional when dealing with these types of hauntings.

Poltergeist- These hauntings are more rare. Poltergeist activity occurs when there's a person, often a child, unknowingly acting as a catalyst for the entity(ies). Spirits use the energy of the host to cause upheaval in the home. This can create havoc such as slamming doors, rattling door knobs, flying objects, etc. Its believed children being open minded as well as posessing exorbitant amounts of energy can draw a poltergeist. Others may disagree, but I firmly believe the absolute perfect storm needs to occur for poltergeist activity. This would include a gifted child or person, a portal in the home and possibly meddeling with the occult or communication with the dead occurring on the premises in question. These types of hauntings are best handled by experienced professionals to help calm the situation. Past studies have shown this occurrence goes away as quickly as it came, and in its own time.

Historical hauntings- These fit into the same category along with imprintation and residual hauntings. They act the same however they're often seen wearing military or period era type clothing. Again, like residual hauntings most times historical spirits aren't aware of the living around them.

Intelligent Haunting- The most widely accepted kind of ghostly activity. Here the spirit or entity involved is of an “intelligent” presence. These spirits have a connection to a place or people and can communicate with the resident by appearing to them, calling out their name or leaving behind a scent of fragrance recognizable to the client. This spirit is best described as the essence of a person who once lived and has stayed behind they may come and go intermittantly instead of crossing over to the other side.

Portal - Occasionally people will report random haunting experiences with no particular rhyme or reason. They may see apparitions of people or they do not know or shadows just drifting about. They may hear singing, words or voices. It's possible a location can be a portal. It's also possible to open a portal. There are two types of portals. Entries and Exits. It's important that an Exit Portal is NEVER closed. It's even more important a Portal is never opened. Its never advisable to invite spirit or dabble in the occult. A professional in the paranormal field should know the different types of portals and how to deal with closing them.

Malevolent Haunting- The worst haunting imaginable. If not dealt with swiftly it can lead to posession. These are nonhuman or demonic entities that feed on the weak and ill. They will attach themselves to people that they see as targets. Examples of such victims can include but are not limited to, depressed individuals, drug addicts, or the mentally ill. They tend to start out manipulating the person afflicted by doing things to throw the person into a deeper turmoil such as banging, moving things, invading the persons thoughts and dreams. Once they've weakened the host they continue to feed off of them building their strength. They continue to grow and gain energy and terrorize the individual mentally and physically until they eventually wear the host down. It's ALWAYS advisable to seek out the church and a demonologist that has trained under clergy regarding these matters.

As always, your responses and input are welcome.

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